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Guy Buys A Barn And Gets A Furry Surprise For Free

Guy Buys A Barn And Gets A Furry Surprise For Free

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I’m sure you’ve all bought something and received another thing for free. While that’s completely usual in shops, it’s unusual when purchasing properties, land, homes, etc. This man named Justin knows that best.

When Justin went to check out a piece of land and an old abandoned barn for purchase, he was surprised to find a long-haired ginger cat wandering around the property all alone.

Soon, he learned from a landowner that the cat’s name was Chester, and he’d been around the place for a while.

stray cat
Source: YouTube

Chester settled himself in the barn, meaning whoever purchased it would get a cat for free.

Chester welcomed Justin to the barn with open paws, as though he knew they would spend the rest of their lives together. The cat started following Justin everywhere, allowing him to pet and talk to him.

cat sitting on a driver
Source: YouTube

After spending some time with Chester on the property, Justin made his final decision. He said:

“I kinda fell in love with this land and Chester. So, I pursued the purchase of it.”

Justin promised Chester that he would take good care of him and provide him with a new forever home. So, when the cold winter set in northern Vermont, he took Chester, sat in the car, and drove him to his home. Justin was amazed, saying:

“He was riding in my lap pretty much the whole time and just making muffins.” 

cat in a truck
Source: YouTube

Upon their arrival, Justin gave Chester a warm and comfy bath, followed by a delicious meal, wanting to make him feel at home. 

Surprisingly, Chester quickly settled into his new home. He started exploring his new surroundings, played his favorite games, and cuddled with Justin at the end of the day. 

Chester turned out to be a lovely cat with an engaging personality and playful spirit. He just needed someone to take good care of him and ensure he wasn’t alone. Now, he has all that, and he’s thriving.   

woman bathing a cat
Source: YouTube

They often go on walks together and other outdoor adventures. Chester got used to walking on a leash, so wherever Justin goes, he follows. Justin is beyond happy to meet Chester and bond with him. He said:

“Originally, it was just buy a piece of land and build my dream house. And then the fact that I have not only his companionship but there’s two to three other ferals who I’ve seen on my property. They have given me so much purpose and just value in life and companionship.”

white cat with necklace
Source: YouTube

Slowly but surely, Justin socialized and bonded with those feral kitties. Now, he’s happy building his dream home and hanging out with his feline companions. He often jokes:

“I bought a $71,000 cat. That’s like my punchline for Chester. And I’d buy it a million times over, knowing that I got him.”

Justin and Chester love each other so much. Justin bought the land, not knowing that the real treasure comes with it for free. Once he got Chester, he felt incredibly lucky and wouldn’t change a single thing about what happened. 

cute white cat
Source: YouTube

I’m not sure how such an adorable cat was wandering around the property all alone, but I’m glad Justin and Chester’s paths crossed because now they have each other, and nothing can stop them from living their best life.

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