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Rescue Cat Gets Adopted And Quickly Becomes The Work-From-Home Police

Rescue Cat Gets Adopted And Quickly Becomes The Work-From-Home Police

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Joyce, who used to work as a plant manager for a processing facility, often had lunch outside with her team. One day, they heard what sounded like loud crying. Having rescued cats before, Joyce recognized the noise as loud meows from a kitten.

Joyce found the kitten hiding among some pallets and picked her up. She searched for any sign of another cat, maybe a mother cat, but nothing. Then, she discovered two more kittens, but still no sign of their mother.

kittens fed with a bottle
Credit: YouTube

The other kittens were a short distance from the one that was crying. Joyce figured it had either strayed or been separated from the group. 

She put out traps hoping to catch the rest of the kittens or their mom to help them out or get them neutered. But, she never saw the mom or caught any more kittens.

close-up photo of black and white kitten
Credit: YouTube

Joyce didn’t know where this kitten had come from. She found it near a small warehouse close to her job, a place where people sadly leave unwanted cats.

She named the kitten Nymeria and took care of her and her siblings until they were around ten weeks old. Nymeria’s sister went to live with Joyce’s best friend, and the brother was adopted by the friend’s mom. 

This way, all three rescued kittens found their forever homes.

three kittens eating
Credit: YouTube

Joyce was super happy that her close ones took in the other two kittens. It was great for the kittens to grow up together and socialize. 

Nymeria bonded right away with Joyce and her husband. When they took her in, they already had two cats, but Nymeria fit right in with them too.

She loves to cuddle and is very loving. When she’s in the mood for cuddles, she’ll come find you! Now that Joyce is working from home, Nymeria has totally relaxed and has even become the “boss” of the house.

two cats lying together
Credit: YouTube

Joyce says Nymeria frequently makes appearances during her video calls, popping her head in as if to say, “Hi, what’s up? What’s everyone talking about?” 

When Joyce started working from home, she wondered if Nymeria would get sick of having her around all the time. But it turns out, Nymeria loves it and spends the whole day by her side.

cat lying on table and standing on stairs
Credit: YouTube

Nymeria even lets Joyce know when it’s time to start work! She seems to know exactly when Joyce should be heading to her home office, and she’s not shy about reminding her.

“She tells me when I’m supposed to be in the office. So if I’m running a little late to go into my office, she’s sitting in the office and she meows at me, like she’s yelling at me.”

photo of cat indoors
Credit: YouTube

Joyce initially thought working from home might feel lonely after being around people for so long. But having her cat companion always by her side makes a big difference. With Nymeria there, Joyce never feels lonely.

“If I need to talk to someone, I just talk to her, she’s not talking back, she’s meowing back.”

I’m sure they’ve become an excellent problem-solving team together.

Joyce and her husband often debate who Nymeria likes best, but Joyce is pretty sure she’s the favorite since Nymeria sticks by her side all day. 

woman and adopted cat
Credit: YouTube

Yet, she second-guesses it every morning when Nymeria seeks out her husband for eye cleanings and face rubs. Overall, though, Joyce believes she holds the top spot in Nymeria’s heart!

Besides being the home office boss and her personal work-from-home supervisor, Joyce truly values Nymeria’s companionship.

cat lying by the laptop
Credit: YouTube

She treasures the unconditional love from Nymeria and all her cats, who don’t judge based on looks or anything else. Their love is genuine and the bond they share is solid. 

Even Nymeria’s loud meows reminding her to work are helpful, keeping Joyce motivated while she works from home. Take a look at this video to see Nymeria in action:

To catch more of this funny kitty and her daily antics, be sure to check out her Instagram profile.

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