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Houston Kitten Without A Home Just Wants To Get Adopted By A Loving Family

Houston Kitten Without A Home Just Wants To Get Adopted By A Loving Family

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Every day, more cats and kittens are abandoned across the USA. While some are fortunate enough to end up in shelters, getting a chance for a happy life, the road to a new beginning isn’t always easy. 

This four-month-old kitten named Ophelia knows that perfectly.

Ophelia is a charming tuxedo kitten who was rescued by the Sugar Land Animal Shelter in Sugar Land, Texas. With a little bit of luck, she was saved from the streets of Houston and taken to the Best Friends Animal Society.

There, she received a thorough examination and necessary treatments, as well as started her preparation for a brighter future.

Ophelia is such a sweet and lovely kitten. She has striking black-and-white fur and an adorable white mustache. With her lovely personality, she began stealing hearts around the shelter the moment she arrived there.

She is patiently waiting for a loving family to come and pick her up so that she can finally have the life she always deserved.

Ophelia quickly adjusted to her new surroundings and enjoyed interacting with other shelter kitties, which makes her suitable even for multi-cat households. 

Julie Castle, CEO of Best Friends Animal Society, expressed her thoughts in a press release, hoping to encourage more people to adopt from shelters:

“Not everyone considers this, but where gifted pets come from can either help or hurt efforts to end the killing of pets in shelters. I encourage everyone to adopt rather than buy a pet from a breeder, pet store, or online retailer.”

And she’s right, especially because adopting shelter cats has many benefits. There, you can find cats of all breeds, colors, and ages, who are patiently waiting for their luck to turn around. 

And I guarantee you that by adopting a shelter pet, you’ll actually get a lifelong and devoted furry companion.

As for Ophelia, her chances of getting adopted are slightly higher as she is a kitten, while senior cats are the least adopted.

Therefore, I truly hope she finds a perfect home next to a loving family and that she will finally live the happy life she always deserved!

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