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Heartbroken Kitten Couldn’t Stop Crying Until His Forever Mom Figured Out What Was Missing

Heartbroken Kitten Couldn’t Stop Crying Until His Forever Mom Figured Out What Was Missing

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Deciding to adopt from a shelter is such a wonderful act an individual can do. When Alana Hadley made this decision, she knew that this decision could be challenging. 

Alana and her husband Nathan decided to visit the Wisconsin Humane Society shelter in search for their new life companion. Little did they know, there was someone patiently waiting for them.

Just a few days before, two kitten siblings arrived at the shelter. They were found alone on the street in desperate need of attention and care. The handsome ginger boy was named Ares and his tabby sister Aphrodite.

Now, once Alana saw the two siblings, she immediately fell in love with them. Although she planned on adopting only one cat, this duo charmed her completely. She was ready to take them both home.

However, the shelter staff informed Alana that Aphrodite was already taken and was only waiting for the adoption to go through.

She was disappointed of course, but Ares still needed her and she happily took him home. If you have adopted before, especially kittens, you know how challenging the first few nights are. I sure do! 

That’s exactly what Alana expected as well. However, little Ares was completely inconsolable. He would spend most of his day crying and meowing. At first, Alana thought he only wanted attention and cuddles…

She started comforting him more, to the point where she wouldn’t let him out of her arms. She would bring him a bunch of toys and stuffed animals, trying to provide any way of comfort to him.

Unfortunately, all of her efforts were in vain. Ares meowed so loudly that the poor little thing would exhaust himself from crying all day. Eventually, he would drop tired from crying and go to sleep.

Alana was devasteted! She tried every possible way to comfort her fur baby, yet nothing worked. She figured out that his crying had nothing to do with seeking attention.

This poor little baby was heartbroken! With good reason, actually. Ares was indeed heartbroken after he left the shelter without his sister. 

He only knew the love and comfort Aphrodite used to shower him with. Without her, life seemed scary no matter what his new momma tried to do!

Alana, not knowing what to do, shared her concern with the Wisconsin Humane Society:

“Ares is doing pretty good besides being needy. He has been almost non-stop meowing until he goes to sleep and then meows again when hes awake (most likely calling out for his sister), when we put him down, or when he’s in his separate area. We think he misses his sister and is grieving being taken away from her so we got him stuffed animals to try to help him cope.”

Luckily for them, a turn of events happened shortly after. The shelter called Alana to inform her that Aphrodite’s adoption fell through. If she was still interested, Aphrodite was up for adoption yet again. 

Without a second thought, Alana rushed to the shelter! Once reunited with his sister, Ares became a different cat. His little broken heart was full of love again.

Soon after, Alana shared a quick update with the shelter:

“They are doing good. We are getting them used to running around with the dog. Unfortunately, the dog is hyper when he tries to play with them that it scares them. They are very attention-seeking cats and loving! They both love to cuddle and purr like crazy when we are holding them. They sleep most of the day and they cuddle each other when they sleep!”

I am more than happy for Ares, Aphrodite, and their forever mom. Now they can spend their days cuddling and playing with each other!

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