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You Simply Can’t Miss This Hilarious Low-Budget Cat Commercial Made By Atlanta Animal Shelter

You Simply Can’t Miss This Hilarious Low-Budget Cat Commercial Made By Atlanta Animal Shelter

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When we think about some famous TV commercials, we can’t help but wonder how much money the creators invested in them. 

However, you may find it surprising to learn that for something to go viral, the budget doesn’t have to be nearly as high as you’d expect. 

The animal shelter from Atlanta, Georgia is here today to prove that point!

man in a commercial
Credit: YouTube

Furkids Animal Rescue and Shelter is a non-profit charitable organization well-known for its no-kill policy. Every year, they rescue over 5,000 homeless and abandoned animals, providing them with the best possible care. 

They are also strong advocates of adoption, which is why they recently came up with a brilliant idea – to make their own ‘Kitty Kommercial’ inspiring people to offer forever homes to animals in need.

Little did they know that their hilarious commercial would take the world by storm! 

man and a black cat
Credit: YouTube

Their one-of-a-kind commercial was entirely improvised and filmed by Helen Preston and her brother, Paul Preston, both dedicated Furkids volunteers from Atlanta.

The main role was given to Paul who played a car salesman. He used traditional but cheesy salesman techniques to demonstrate that Furkids has every cat “model” the “customers” are looking for. 

Kitty Kommercial includes all the elements of used-car commercials and daytime infomercials, with a fast-talking Paul or Helen mimicking the wacky inflatable waving tube man. 

man feeding a cat
Credit: YouTube

Their budget for this commercial consisted of only a few cans of cat food used to feed the feline actors in the commercial. 

The whole video took 30 minutes to film and around an hour to edit. This means that Helen and Paul spent an hour and a half creating a hilarious cat commercial, which later proved to be a huge success for the shelter. 

man giving high five to a cat
Credit: YouTube

According to Samantha Shelton, Furkids’ executive director and founder, the shelter has received an influx of donations and adoption applications have increased by 50 percent since the video went viral.

She said: 

“The general outpouring of support and enthusiasm for the project has just been phenomenal. We just really hope that this will inspire people to get involved in their local shelter and adopt.”

This commercial proves that to make something go viral, all you need is a bit of determination and a good sense of humor – both of which are essential in life. 

Without further ado, here’s the Kitty Kommercial you’ve been waiting for! Be sure to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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