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Brave Cat Challenges A Lioness In A Texas Sanctuary And Shows Everyone Who’s In Charge

Brave Cat Challenges A Lioness In A Texas Sanctuary And Shows Everyone Who’s In Charge

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We all know that cats are fearless, just take the cat who scared away a burglar for instance! Our brave feline companions are ready to defend us and themselves at any given time. 

However, sometimes these adorable fuzzballs are not quite aware of their size…

I’ve recently stumbled upon a hilarious video of an adorable calico cat who thought she could take on a lioness! So get ready to hear all about it.

Derek Krahn manages a big cat sanctuary located in Bridgeport, Texas. Along with his amazing staff members, they care for wild animals who need a safe space to call home. 

man and tiger
Source: Instagram

At the Centre for Animal Research and Education, shortly known as CARE Rescue Texas, you will encounter big cats such as lions and tigers.

These gorgeous big cats were saved and rescued by Derek and his team, however, they aren’t the scariest cats to walk the sanctuary’s grounds. 

close view of cute cat
Source: Instagram

Meet Bagheera, better known by her nickname Baggy. If you thought she was a big wild cat, you’re mistaken. Baggy was just a regular house cat, who used to live with Derek in the sanctuary. 

However, this fearless little fuzzball grew up with lions, tigers, and leopards. I’m guessing she probably thought she was just as big as her ancestors, LOL!

One day while Derek was patrolling the grounds making sure the big cats were doing fine, Baggy decided to keep him company. 

Just when they were about to pass the enclosure of a lioness named Noey, little Baggy decided to show everyone who the big cat was!

cat and lioness
Source: YouTube

Baggy ran towards Noey almost as if she was about to chase her down! Noey the lioness, immediately took on the challenge and started a staring contest with little Baggy! In the meantime, Derek couldn’t believe his eyes, as he said in the video:

“Baggy, abort! There’s nothing to be gained, Baggy!”

lioness and cat
Source: YouTube

Although there was a huge metal fence between these two, Baggy had no problem showing who the real wild cat was! 

This hilarious stare-down took the internet by storm, but at the end of the day we can all agree that Baggy was one fearless kitty, or as Derek described her:

“She’s got little kitty syndrome. She’s got little Napoleon Kitty syndrome.” 

cute cat and lioness
Source: YouTube

This brave cat patrolled the grounds alongside the volunteers at CARE Texas, and after 18 long years, Baggy crossed the rainbow bridge. She will forever be remembered as the cat who challenged the lioness, as Derek said in a post on Instagram:

“This week, CARE lost one of our most brave, sassy, and beloved family members – Bagheera. Baggy patrolled these grounds for the last 18 years and was a part of this facility as much as the grass and the dirt it’s built on. She definitely had the heart of a lioness in a little calico body and we will miss her so much!”

Baggy had an amazing life among all those wild cats and loving volunteers, and everyone will miss her.

Make sure to watch the hilarious encounter between Noey and Baggy down below!

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