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Rescuers Stunned To Discover A Whopping 120 Cats Crammed Into One Man’s Apartment

Rescuers Stunned To Discover A Whopping 120 Cats Crammed Into One Man’s Apartment

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Animal shelters are always buzzing with furry creatures craving love and care. However, one shelter encountered an especially wild situation when they discovered a hundred and twenty cats living inside a man’s apartment!

It all started with this young man living with three cats. But, since these cats weren’t neutered, they soon began having kittens.

With each new litter, the number of cats rapidly grew, overwhelming the hundred square meters of space and the man’s ability to provide proper care. Salvadora Tormas, who works at the shelter, shared in an interview:

“Apparently the owner took in a pair of cats three years ago and they have been procreating ever since.”

two sweet cats
Source: Facebook

Before he knew it, this turned into a stunning hundred and twenty cats living in this guy’s apartment. It was like they had their own cat kingdom going on in there!

So, what happened next? Well, the man was evicted for animal hoarding, and that’s where the shelter team stepped in. When they received an anonymous call about this crazy cat situation, they instantly sprang into action.

At first, they were informed about ninety cats, which was shocking enough. However, their disbelief only deepened as the count climbed to over a hundred cats running around this small flat, as Tormas shared:

“It’s a disaster. Someone should have helped this guy.”

cute cat with tongue out
Source: Facebook

It took the rescuers two days to gather all the cats, carefully evaluating and removing them one by one. According to Tormas, they collected forty eight cats on Friday and returned the next day to bring in the rest with the owner’s help.

These poor souls had never experienced outdoor life or received vet care. Luckily, they were not hungry, though understandably frightened.

Still, it’s so sad to think about how they never felt grass under their paws or received medical attention when sick or hurt. 

While it’s truly incredible how resilient animals can be, it’s also a clear reminder of the importance of responsible pet ownership.

adorable gray cat
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With the cats safe and sound, the team now faces a daunting challenge. As they already have two hundred other cats awaiting adoption, there’s simply no room to fit in all these newbies.

Yet, despite being overflowed, they work tirelessly to ensure each cat receives deworming treatment before they start vaccinating and neutering them.

It’s going to take some time because that’s a whole lot of cats to fix, not to mention how challenging it’ll be to find them homes. 

However, it’s not all bleak since they receive support from other small animal charities.

cats in heart shape
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Hats off to all these compassionate individuals who go above and beyond to provide the care these kitties deserve. Let’s keep our fingers crossed in hopes they’ll soon find loving forever homes.

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