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Snow-Loving Indoor Kitty Gets A Winter Wonderland Treat From His Family

Snow-Loving Indoor Kitty Gets A Winter Wonderland Treat From His Family

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Have you ever seen a cat enjoying snow or rainy and cold weather? When I look at my cats, I can’t even imagine them walking in such weather. 

Whenever the winter comes, they don’t want to do anything but nap in warm and comfy spots. Well, that’s why this beautiful kitty, with an unusual favorite activity, came as a big surprise to me!

photo of a cat named Dibs watching snow outside
Credit: DibsTheCat

This cat, named Dibs, is – believe it or not – obsessed with snow! What’s even better is that his family lets him enjoy his favorite activity!

No one knows where his passion for snow came from because Dibs was once a stray cat who luckily got adopted by this lovely family.

photo of dibs playing in snow
Credit: DibsTheCat

The family discovered his passion for snow the first winter he spent with them. Initially, he was living in the house, but they would let him spend some time outside. 

That winter, they let him out in the snow thinking that he would want to go back into the house. But, to everyone’s surprise, he started running and jumping in the snow like crazy. It was obvious that he was extremely happy, and not getting tired of his little snow adventure.

However, after some time, the family decided to keep Dibs as an indoor-only cat as it was a much safer option for him. Still, they didn’t want to take his greatest joy away from him.

photo of dibs the cat
Credit: DibsTheCat

So, what they started doing for their beloved Dibs was amazing! They thought that if Dibs couldn’t go out to the snow, the snow had to come to him. 

His paw-rent, Nate Troy, came up with the best idea to make Dibs happy. He brought a large shovel of snow inside and dumped it on the floor of the enclosed porch.

When his dad did this, Dibs was amazed. He immediately started throwing himself in a large pile of snow, and would play there for hours.

photo of Nate and Dibs
Credit: DibsTheCat

Seeing how happy and excited Dibs was while playing in his personal snow pile, his family decided to make it a habit.

So, every time it snowed, they would provide him with a large pile of snow so that he could safely play in it. 

Dibs sitting on a chair
Credit: DibsTheCat

I think that it’s amazing and that it’s a beautiful thing when a parent does something for their pet cat that will make it happy. You can immediately tell that they have a strong bond and care a lot about each other.

Dibs has always been a true charmer and it was impossible not to love him. When Troy found him in a parking lot, he immediately fell in love with him, so he adopted Dibs despite his severe cat allergies.

That was the best decision ever, for both Dibs and his family, mostly because not everyone would go to these lengths to keep their feline friend happy!

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