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Cat Found ‘Skin And Bones’ Ends Up In Purrfect Hands And Gets A Life-Changing Transformation

Cat Found ‘Skin And Bones’ Ends Up In Purrfect Hands And Gets A Life-Changing Transformation

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In a world full of neglected and abandoned cats living in terrible conditions, I’m happy to share this heartwarming story with you that proves kind-hearted people still exist. 

These individuals, like a woman named Molly, extend their kindness to animals in need, offering them the chance at the life they always deserved.

One day, Molly came across an abandoned cat, who was later named Dinah. The poor cat was all skin and bones and in desperate need of help and a home. She recalled:

“She was all skin and bones. I think I was keeping a tab on her for probably about four or five days before I was actually able to catch her.”

Once she got the chance, Molly took the cat in, and that’s how Dinah’s transformation journey began. 

Molly started by taking Dinah to the vet, where it was discovered that her whole body was infested with fleas and flea dirt. Besides that, she was also dehydrated, starved, and suffered from an upper respiratory infection.

Unfortunately, her overall condition was even worse than that. She had painful ulcers on her tongue, making it difficult for her to eat.

Moved by Dinah’s plight, the vet sprang into action, administering IV fluids, antibiotics, and flea treatments. Gradually, Dinah’s health improved, evolving into a vibrant and healthy feline.

Once she got better, she was surrendered into the care of Stray Cat Alliance in Los Angeles, whose team found her a foster home until they found a perfect family for her.

Her foster family took great care of her as Dinah transformed from a ‘skin and bones’ kitty to a strong and healthy feline ready to embrace her new life.

Once Dinah was ready for the next step, she was introduced to a loving family who was willing to adopt her, and it was love at first sight.

Her new owner, Rebecca, knew Dinah was through a lot, which is why they wanted to give her the best life possible. Rebecca shared:

“Our cat of 14 years had developed a heart condition and sadly passed away. After mourning her, we decided that it was time to give a new kitty a loving home.”

Rebecca and her family visited many shelters and met many lovely felines, but once they met Dinah, they felt an instant bond and knew she was the one they were looking for. 

Rebecca said that Dinah was initially very shy and cautious, but that she was also very curious about her new humans. She added:

“We didn’t know much about her story, just that she was a stray kitten that had been rescued by the shelter and that she had spent some time in foster time. But ultimately, she ended up back in the shelter’s care.”

Once Dinah got a new home and got to know her loving family, she transformed into a playful, happy, and confident kitty who loves spending time with her favorite humans. Rebecca added:

“She is a fluffy little clown, she always has us laughing. She loves to play and follow us all around the house. She likes to ‘help out’ with chores like making the bed and loading the dishwasher. She likes watching TV with us and overall just wants to be a part of whatever is going on.”

From a poor cat who was all ‘skin and bones’ and in a terrible condition, thanks to compassionate people, Dinah quickly became a healthy and happy kitty who loves her new family and her feline friend Gandalf.

This heartwarming tale serves as a reminder that even the smallest acts of kindness can change lives. Share Dinah’s story with your loved ones and spread warmth and compassion wherever you go!

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