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Camera Captures A Dramatic Moment Of A Tiny Kitten Almost Eaten By A Hawk In Los Angeles

Camera Captures A Dramatic Moment Of A Tiny Kitten Almost Eaten By A Hawk In Los Angeles

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Even though cats are natural predators, they can also become prey for larger animals in nature, as vividly demonstrated in the video below.

A dramatic encounter between a tiny kitten and a red-tailed hawk captured on camera has recently left Los Angeles in shock. 

It all happened in a McDonald’s parking lot in Ladera Heights, when a huge hawk landed on the car, attempting to catch a tiny kitten.

Thankfully, the kitten was safely inside the vehicle, but the incident serves as a reminder of what could have happened had it been outside.

hawk and a kitten
Credit: YouTube

Red-Tailed Hawks are birds known for their incredible precision and vision. Therefore, they can easily spot potential prey from a distance, showcasing their natural hunting instincts that are present even in urban areas. 

What shocked everyone the most was how fearless the hawk was as it tried reaching the kitten through the car glass, even when the car started moving.

These types of hawks are not uncommon in urban areas and cities like Los Angeles. They can easily adapt to various environments, raising great awareness about the safety of our beloved pets. 

They find plenty of food sources and nesting sites in cities, however, that can also lead to unexpected and dangerous encounters like this one.

hawk looking at kitten
Credit: YouTube

Although the kitten was inside the car, far away from the hawk’s reach, this event shows us that it could have been easily attacked and eaten if it was on the streets. 

So, let this video serve as a reminder to every pet owner not to leave their pets unattended, especially in areas with rich wildlife. After all, pet parenting comes with a great responsibility, right?

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