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Brave Kitten Takes A Risky Dive Into The River And Starts Swimming Toward A Better Life

Brave Kitten Takes A Risky Dive Into The River And Starts Swimming Toward A Better Life

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Our feline friends never fail to surprise us with their bravery and determination. When they set their minds to something – they make it happen! 

Today’s story features a kitty that embodies just that spirit. The moment this little guy saw a chance of a loving forever home, he fearlessly took the plunge, swimming to a new beginning. 

Not even a deep river could deter him from his dream!

kitten swimming in the river
Credit: YouTube

When Zhuyizhi, a founder of Animal Care Heaven, a Los Angeles-based animal rescue organization, saw a little kitten on the other side of the river, looking rather dazed and starving, she knew she needed to help him.

She called out to him, trying to think of a way to reach him, but the kitten had plans of his own. 

Without hesitation, he bravely jumped into the river and began swimming towards her.

Impressed by his courage, Zhuyizhi decided to bring him home and provide the life he so boldly swam towards.

hand petting the kitten
Credit: YouTube

At home, Zhuyizhi dried off the little swimmer and fed him some delicious food. The kitten had an amazing appetite; he ate heartily, drank plenty of water, and then took a long and restful nap. 

When he woke up, he immediately sought out his new mama and made himself comfortable in her lap, quickly deciding it was his new favorite spot.

Zhuyizhi named her new feline friend Lucky, a fitting name for a tabby fluff who unexpectedly swam into her life.

kitten looking at the camera
Credit: YouTube

In the days that followed, Lucky proved to be the perfect kitten. He was playful, intelligent, and cuddly – three qualities every cat parent cherishes.

He loved to play hide and seek with his mom, cuddle with her in bed, and pounce on her whenever he thought it was time for her to focus on him instead of her phone. 

Lucky also enjoyed spending time beside Zhuyizhi while she worked on her laptop, content to let her work while he peacefully snoozed in her lap.

kitten lying
Credit: YouTube

Zhuyizhi soon discovered that Lucky wasn’t just any ordinary tabby kitten. It turned out that he belonged to a special Chinese breed known for its intelligence and great hunting skills – the Jianzhou cat. 

This revelation delighted Zhuyizhi, who also had Chinese origins; for her, rescuing Lucky felt like fate. No one could deny they were meant to be!

kitten on stairs
Credit: YouTube

Aside from an incident where he peed in her bed the first night, Lucky was generally well-behaved and good-tempered. 

He loved playing with his laser pointer and mouse toys, but sleeping was definitely his favorite activity. Lucky adored his comfy bed and the teddy bear he always cuddled with.

He also enjoyed playing with his canine brother, an adorable Golden Retriever pup. Their playful tussles often left him covered in dog saliva, but fortunately, Lucky didn’t mind getting wet, making bath time easy for Zhuyizhi.

kitten outdoors
Credit: YouTube

Lucky loved the great outdoors too. His mom sometimes took him fishing, where he was fascinated by the fish and loved basking in the sun.

All in all, he was a wonderful feline companion with a bright future ahead of him. Thankfully, he found a fantastic cat mom who was ready to give him the life he deserved.

close-up photo of the kitten
Credit: YouTube

We can all learn a lot from Lucky. He’s a great reminder that sometimes, to make our dreams come true, we simply have to dive in – head first. 

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