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British Shorthair Kitten Loves To Nibble On Dad’s Ear And It’s The Cutest Thing You’ll See Today

British Shorthair Kitten Loves To Nibble On Dad’s Ear And It’s The Cutest Thing You’ll See Today

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Ready for your daily dose of feline cuteness? If not, you better brace yourself because the video you’re about to watch outdoes every other cat video on the internet!

The star of this video is Pinky, a one-month-old ginger British Shorthair kitten who has already won the hearts of millions just by nibbling on her dad’s ear.

kitten bitting owners ear
Source: YouTube

In the video, Pinky appears to be looking for milk but somehow ends up on her owner’s shoulders. His earlobes must have looked pretty inviting, so she just went for it – probably tickling him in the process.

Her tiny paws are all over her dad’s head, kneading his face and neck while she nibbles on his ear.

Words cannot describe how cute she looks – but the video definitely can!

Despite Pinky’s antics, her dad looks completely unbothered, as if this is just a normal day at home. 

The person recording the video seems pretty amused by it all, and who wouldn’t be? If this were happening to me, I’d be over the moon!

sweet kitten laying next to owner
Source: YouTube

Comments under this YouTube video – which has over 19 million views, by the way – are full of people just as charmed by Pinky and her unique relationship with her dad. One person wrote:

“This video really shows how tiny pinky is! What an adorable little fluff ball.”

Another, who was grateful for the video, shared:

“I just came home after having a soul-crushing, brutal day at my clinic. I am exhausted and I felt literally beaten down. And I watched this and I feel better. So much sweetness and that baby has a home and is so loved and safe.  Thank you for posting this.”

It’s amazing how a simple cat video can turn someone’s day around. I bet Pinky’s owner felt just a little proud of his kitten’s popularity!

adorable kitten laying on a owner
Source: YouTube

Did this video brighten your day? If you enjoyed this article, I’ve got another one just as adorable. It’s about a grandpa who gets ambushed by a bunch of British Shorthair kittens. 

Now I can’t help but wonder: What’s up with this breed? Should I get a British Shorthair fluff? Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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