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Witness These Adorable British Shorthair Kittens Attack Their Stern Grandpa (VIDEO)

Witness These Adorable British Shorthair Kittens Attack Their Stern Grandpa (VIDEO)

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We’ve all known someone who seemed steadfast in their indifference or even dislike for cats. These folks wouldn’t dream of sharing a room with felines, let alone letting them frolic all over them.

My dad used to be one of those people until one of my cats managed to break through his tough exterior and warm his heart. That day, he officially joined the ranks of cat lovers!

Today, it seems like the protagonist of our story might have had a similar change of heart. 

One day, as he came to visit his beloved daughter, Iryna, he found himself ambushed by three adorable fluffs. 

old guy and three cats
Source: YouTube

As he was relaxing on Iryna’s couch, minding his own business, three British Shorthair kittens began climbing all over him

Remarkably, he didn’t seem to mind one bit! All he did was sit calmly, allowing the kittens to do whatever they wanted. 

It was crystal clear that they just wanted to play with their favorite grandpa, and he couldn’t possibly say no.

owner and his three cats
Source: YouTube

These precious kittens go by the names of Caramel, Garfield, and Pixel. They have two more siblings, Bianca and William, who eventually join the fun, as you’ll see in the video.

In the video, Garfield boldly clambers onto the man’s stomach, making a valiant attempt to reach his face for a kiss. Meanwhile, Pixel gracefully weaves around grandpa’s left hand, hoping for a belly rub, while Caramel rests calmly on his lap.

old guy holding white kitten
Source: YouTube

Later on, Bianca and William arrive for their share of grandpa’s affection. All the kitties got precisely what they came for, as their grandpa was incredibly generous with his love and attention.

It’s clear as day that these cats adore him – just as much as he adores them!

grandpa holding two kittens
Source: YouTube

Be sure to check the video Iryna posted on her YouTube channel and see for yourself just how adorable it really is. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

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