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Passenger Discovers An Abandoned Kitten In California Metro Train And Gives Her A Helping Hand

Passenger Discovers An Abandoned Kitten In California Metro Train And Gives Her A Helping Hand

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One sunny California day turned into a big rescue mission on a metro train when a passenger noticed a baby kitten abandoned inside.

Fortunately, the kitten was found and rescued just in time, getting a new chance for a happier life.

kitty with ball for playing
Credit: spcaLA

The passenger got on a Metro C Line train in California and got distracted by something unusual. He was shocked to see a one-month-old kitten abandoned on a train. 

Without hesitation, the passenger informed the train operator about the baby kitten in desperate need of help and asked for assistance.

Moved by the kitten’s plight, the train operator instantly embarked on a rescue mission. He rescued the kitten in the nick of time and safely transported her to an adoption center where she could receive professional care.

kitten playing
Credit: spcaLA

Upon the kitten’s arrival at spcaLA South Bay Pet Adoption Center in Hawthorne, she was thoroughly examined and named Eloise.

Fortunately, the vets said she was in surprisingly good condition, despite weighing only 1 pound. 

After the vet examination, Eloise was provided with a lovely foster home, where she’ll remain until she’s old enough for adoption.

kitten on blanket
Credit: spcaLA

Madeline Bernstein, the president of spcaLA, expressed her thoughts and gratitude to the people who saved Eloise’s life, saying in a press release:

“Eloise serves as a reminder to be compassionate towards our furry friends, even in unexpected places. Thank you! You saved a life.”

Despite a rocky start in life, Eloise now has a bright future ahead of her. We can’t wait to see her blossom in a new, loving home, surrounded by people who will never give up on her!

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