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Tiny Kitten Rescued In The Nick Of Time Never Stops Fighting For His Life

Tiny Kitten Rescued In The Nick Of Time Never Stops Fighting For His Life

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Thanks to the compassion of many kind-hearted individuals and dedicated cat rescue organizations, abandoned and vulnerable cats and kittens continue to find hope and a chance at life.

In one remarkable story, a tiny newborn kitten escaped the claws of death. The little gray kitten was found in a garage as the only survivor of his litter, left to face the world alone.

He was so small, wobbly, crying for help, and what breaks our hearts the most, his mother never came back for him.

a gray cat is lying on a blanket

Upon seeing that the kitten was in desperate need of help, volunteers of Coastal Bend Cat Rescue from Texas rushed to save him.

This tiny soul was not just small and frail; he was also infested with fleas and covered in filth. Mary Huckabee, an officer with CBCR, described the initial encounter, saying:

“He was the size of a one-week-old kitten, even though he was nearly twice that age based on other age markers.”

the woman is holding a fluffy kitten in her hand

Despite everything this kitten had been through, the volunteers were determined to help and give him a fighting chance. That’s when another CBCR officer, Dorella stepped forward to take him under her wing. She recalled:

“He was dehydrated and his body score was very poor. I didn’t think he could survive. We had to bring his body temperature up slowly, meaning hourly feedings of very small increments.”

a kitten wrapped in a colorful towel

The fact that this kitten was the only survivor of his litter, proved that he was a fighter already, and he just kept fighting his battle. Dorella added:

“He was a fighter from the moment I got him. He was moving and crying and had the strongest instinct to live.”

With round-the-clock care and unwavering dedication, there was hope that this kitten’s condition would take a turn for the better, transforming him into a playful, thriving kitten. 

the cat drinks milk from the bottle

Miraculously, his appetite grew, and he began eating heartily. After two weeks of intensive care, he had finally reached a healthy weight. Dorella affectionately remarked:

“I named him Sandman because of all the sleep I didn’t get caring for him at his critical stage.”

the kitten lies on a shaggy blanket on the woman's chest

Once Sandman felt the warmth of a helping hand, he transformed into a big snuggle bug. He enjoyed receiving cuddles and attention, especially after delicious meals. Dorella said:

“We often give these snuggle animals to orphaned kittens because the beating heart mimics their mama.”

portrait of a cute machete

With each passing day, Sandman grew stronger, both physically and in spirit. As he gained strength, he eagerly explored his surroundings, embracing the joy of play. 

The next step towards finding Sandman a forever home was proper socialization. Because of that, he was transferred to a new foster home to socialize with the help of a foster parent and a young resident cat named Taro.

yellow cat with gray kittens

Taro, a CBCR graduate, welcomed Sandman with open paws. He took the tiny kitten under his wing and guided him through the whole process. Mary, the foster mom from Texas, shared their heartwarming bond, saying:

“Taro is so patient with him and lets him chomp all over him. They loved to cuddle and play. He gets to play with Taro to learn all the essential kitten skills.”

a gray kitten is playing with a cat

Every day, Sandman was growing bigger and stronger, gaining a lot of energy. Despite being considerably smaller than his furry friend Taro, he proved to be a fearless wrestler. Mary said:

“Sandman seems to think he is the same size as his stand-in brother. He definitely has a big personality.”

portrait of two cats looking at the camera

She added with a chuckle: 

“Sandman keeps waking me up by nipping my nose. He is not living up to his name (yet).”

the kitten is sitting next to the sand

Having successfully completed the socialization process in his foster home, Sandman is now a content kitten, relishing the simple pleasures of life while awaiting his forever home. 

Until that day comes, we can hold onto the hope that the future holds nothing but the very best for this little fighter.

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