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Florida Officer Stops Highway Traffic Because Of A Dramatic Rescue

Florida Officer Stops Highway Traffic Because Of A Dramatic Rescue

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Cats are well-known for their curiosity and adventurous spirit. More often than not this curiosity leads them into dangerous situations and kind people just have to interfere and rescue them. 

Unfortunately, most of these rescue stories begin with an abandoned cat or kitten that found itself in a dangerous situation. 

truck on highway
Credit: YouTube

That is exactly what happened to the kitten from today’s story – the poor soul desperately needed help.

Let’s start from the beginning of the story! Recently, a Florida police officer from Alachua was driving around during his shift, on what seemed to be a perfectly normal day.

kitten on a highway
Credit: YouTube

While he was rushing on the highway, Officer Stanfield noticed something unusual. In the middle of the highway road, he saw a tiny black dot that was moving!

Officer Stanfield quickly realized it was a tiny kitten that wandered off in the wrong way! He knew he had to act quickly to save the poor soul’s life!

kittwn on the road between traffic
Credit: YouTube

The brave officer signaled the truck driver in front of him to stop his vehicle and Officer Stanfield blocked the highway with his police car.

kitten in human hand
Credit: YouTube

He rushed outside and scooped the adorable black kitten up. Luckily, the bodycam was recording the dramatic rescue the whole time! Just take a look at his heroic act!

What made this story amazing is the fact that the kitten found a forever home just hours later, as the Alachua Police Department shared on Facebook:

“Thanks to the help of a Mi Apa Latin Cafe driver who used their truck to assist in stopping traffic, the kitten was safely removed from danger. We’re thrilled to share that this little furball has found a loving forever home with one of our amazing dispatchers.”

rescued kitten
Credit: YouTube

This warmed my heart on so many levels, knowing that the sweet fuzzball found her forever home!

I’m so grateful for the heroic act of Officer Stanfield and the kind truck driver who assisted him instantly!

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