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California Man Woken Up By Wife Claiming Their Stove Is ‘Meowing’

California Man Woken Up By Wife Claiming Their Stove Is ‘Meowing’

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Have you ever been startled by a strange noise in your home? Chris Wilson certainly was! He was sound asleep when his wife urgently woke him up, claiming there was a cat inside their stove!

Here’s the story of that unexpected wake-up call and the heartwarming adventure that followed.

One early morning, Chris was roused from sleep by his wife. Still groggy, he was slow to leave the cozy warmth of his bed. However, the urgency of his wife’s claim quickly snapped him to full alertness.

adult man
Source: Chris Wilson

The woman claimed she heard meowing coming from the stove! It wasn’t the wake-up call Chris had expected, but it certainly added an amusing twist to the start of his day.

Reflecting on the odd events, Chris shared in an interview:

“My wife had woken up to the sound of meowing at about 4:45 am and initially thought it was coming from outside. But after searching around for a few minutes she realized it was coming from inside the house, and was able to pinpoint it to our stove hood.”

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Source: Chris Wilson

As Chris stumbled into the kitchen, he couldn’t help but wonder how on earth a cat could have ended up inside their stove. Peering cautiously inside, he half-expected to find his wife’s imagination running wild.

Yet, to his surprise, a faint but unmistakable sound of meowing was indeed echoing from the stove and Chris soon realized a tiny kitten was stuck inside the hood.

cat in stove
Source: Chris Wilson

Determined to get him out, Chris tried several options but had no luck, as he explained:

“I disassembled the hood to try and get it out, but couldn’t. So I went up in the attic to see if I could free it from there but couldn’t.”

The kitten seemed too scared to come out, so Chris decided to leave the hood open, hoping he would eventually emerge.

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Source: Chris Wilson

However, even after several hours, this little fellow remained elusive. Chris then placed a towel with some tuna at the vent’s end, hoping the enticing smell would lure the kitten out.

Fortunately, tuna did the trick and Chris finally caught him! The relieved family cleaned him up and gave him some much-needed food and rest.

very beautiful kitten
Source: Chris Wilson

The family quickly fell in love with their new furry friend and Chris couldn’t deny the inevitable – they simply had to keep him.

Sharing the news with a grin, Chris explained:

“We are keeping him. The vet says he’s about 6 weeks old. We named him Stovetop. My wife and daughters are in love with him.”

Just like that, a strange wake-up call turned into a heartwarming adoption story!

beautiful white kitten
Source: Chris Wilson

Recounting the unexpected turn of events, Chris admitted he had no idea how the kitten ended up inside their stove, adding:

“It’s a single-family home with no obvious way for a kitten to get on the roof. But the vent from the oven hood exits to the roof, so the cat must have gotten in through that.”

Well, it seems Chris doesn’t know about anything cats’ magic skills! However, now that he’s become a cat dad, he’ll definitely learn all about the quirks and charms of feline companionship!

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