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Policemen, Firefighters, Locals All Come Together To Rescue A Kitten Stuck Underneath Boulders

Policemen, Firefighters, Locals All Come Together To Rescue A Kitten Stuck Underneath Boulders

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On a seemingly ordinary afternoon in Bristol, Virginia, Angela Ramsey and her daughter embarked on a routine trip along Lee Highway. They never imagined that their day would soon turn into a rescue mission! 

A rescue mission that would bring together a community in a heartwarming act of compassion. Locals, firefighters, policemen… all came together to rescue this poor, troubled feline.

As Angela and her daughter parked their car and began their lunch, a faint, desperate cry pierced the air. It was muffled, and the sound of traffic made it almost impossible to hear.

woman and pickup
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Yet, it was enough to catch Angela’s attention. The sound, soft but persistent, seemed to be coming from beneath them. With growing concern, Angela and her daughter stepped out of the car, their curiosity quickly becoming a determined search…

They circled the vehicle, their ears straining to pinpoint the source. Angela even checked under the hood, hoping to spot the distressed creature. Despite her efforts, there was no sign of the cat, she could only hear the cries that tugged at their hearts. 

A couple drove by them and asked if they were ok, and Angela explained the situation, as she wrote in a Facebook post:

“The Kitten was stuck and couldn’t get free. A couple in a White Honda pulled beside us and asked if we were ok. I said we are but there’s a Kitten stuck underneath my vehicle and we can’t get it free. The gentleman got out and looked under my vehicle, he saw it and tried to get it out.”

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Angela’s perseverance paid off when they finally traced the cries to the wheel well above the front left tire. The poor baby was trapped and unable to free itself and his odds were dire. Angela knew they had to do something as soon as possible!

They pondered how to rescue the kitten safely, and soon managed to gently coax it out of its tight spot. They felt instant relief as soon as the kitten got out, but it didn’t last very long. 

officer and policeman
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As the kitten was startled and disoriented, it bolted towards a nearby creek, disappearing into a dense cluster of boulders along the bank.

Desperate to save the kitten, Angela reached out to the local animal control office. Officer Larry Boardwine arrived swiftly, bringing a reassuring presence to the unfolding drama. 

kitten stuck in sewer
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Soon, Sheriff Deputies Lindsey Clayman, Crystal Maldonado, and Summer Richards joined the rescue mission. Together, they tried everything they could to lure the kitten from its rocky hideout.

Despite their best efforts, the kitten remained out of reach, its tiny form burrowed deep within the boulders. Hope was beginning to fade when Captain Maynard Ratcliff appeared on the scene. 

firefighter truck
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Assessing the situation, Captain Ratcliff made a decisive call to the Bristol Fire Department.

Firefighters arrived, bringing with them the tools and determination needed for the delicate task ahead. As the minutes turned into hours, they carefully worked around the heavy rocks, inching closer and closer to the kitten’s sanctuary. 

cops saving kitten
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Finally, after hours of work, their efforts paid off. The boulders shifted, revealing the kitten, scared but unharmed. Cradling the rescued kitten in her arms, Angela felt a wave of relief and joy. She also shared:

“Animal Control estimated the Kitten is 5-6 weeks old.”

Thanks to them and their team effort, the little one was safe at last. Such a small baby wouldn’t be able to fend for itself.

Angela’s best friend, who had been following the rescue via FaceTime, immediately offered to give the kitten a loving home. They named him River, a poignant reminder of the creek that had both sheltered and trapped him.

officer and kitten
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Before parting, the rescuers took turns holding and comforting River, their hearts full from the successful rescue. Weeks have passed since River’s dramatic rescue, and he has settled beautifully into his new home. 

Angela often reflects on that day, amazed at how a routine errand turned into a story of hope and human kindness. River’s adventure not only saved a life but also brought together a community in a shared act of compassion.

woman and cute gray kitten
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Angela summed up the experience perfectly: 

“My Best Friend immediately wanted this Kitten as soon as she saw the picture and video of it and stayed on FaceTime with me watching everyone’s efforts to get it out. The Kitten is now in very good hands with my Best Friend and so loved.”

River’s story is a heartwarming reminder of the difference that love and determination can make, transforming a moment of crisis into a cherished memory of unity and care. After all, teamwork makes the dream work!

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