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Kitty With Cerebellar Hypoplasia Thrives With A Custom Wheelchair And Then Gets An Extra Treat

Kitty With Cerebellar Hypoplasia Thrives With A Custom Wheelchair And Then Gets An Extra Treat

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It’s not rare to meet a kitty with special needs, yet unfortunately, some people don’t see their value. But let me tell you, these little ones are just as deserving of happiness as any other cat. They may need a bit more care, but they have so much love to give.

Tumbelina was born with Cerebellar Hypoplasia, a condition that made her unable to walk or maintain her balance. This poor thing was stuck in a body that just wouldn’t cooperate.

With no special treatment or cure, she ended up in a shelter and faced the risk of being euthanized. Thankfully, her case found its way to the compassionate cat rescue organization, Valley Cats, Inc., in Woodland Hills, CA.

black kitten
Credit: YouTube

Deeply moved by Tumbelina’s dire fate, their rescue team decided to take her in and give her a chance. They knew cats with cerebellar hypoplasia can lead happy and fulfilling lives, they just need a little extra help along the way.

When they saw Tumbelina’s shining spirit and lively energy, they knew they did the right thing. She was a true sweetheart and her bright nature won everyone’s hearts.

kitten in a blue blanket
Credit: YouTube

Comparing her to Steven Hawkings, they said she had “a brilliant mind trapped in a body that can’t keep up”. Yet, despite the odds, this caring team refused to give up on their furry friend and searched for a way to help her instead.

First, they made her do hydrotherapy to build up her muscles and prepare her for the battle ahead, and then they did the most amazing thing!

two women placing a cat in a wheelchair
Credit: YouTube

Determined to see her walk on her own, they provided her with a custom-made wheelchair! This four-wheeled buggy allowed Tumbelina to move and walk without anyone’s help.

As soon as she adapted to her new wheels, she rolled around like a champ, defying all odds and showing everyone what she was made of.

cat in a wheelchair
Credit: YouTube

However, Tumbelina’s journey didn’t end there because her caring team wanted to do more for her. They made a video of her wheeling around and shared it online, hoping to secure her a forever home.

Tumbelina’s clip gained a massive following, melting hearts of people all around the country. Before long, it caught the eye of a loving woman from Georgia.

cat in wheelchair on news
Credit: Facebook

She felt an instant connection to Tumbelina and was so amazed by her that she decided to drive all the way across the country to bring her home.

This caring woman already had a cat with the same condition as Tumbelina’s, so she was no stranger to caring for kitties with special needs. She just wanted to give this precious kitten all the love she deserved.

photo of cat in wheelchair
Credit: Facebook

If this wasn’t a match made in heaven, then I don’t know what is!

Now, Tumbelina is living her best life, surrounded by the love and care of her compassionate hooman who sees her for the remarkable little soul she is. You can follow her new life on her Facebook page.

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