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This Video Of College Roommates Saying Goodbye To Their Cat Left Everyone In Tears 

This Video Of College Roommates Saying Goodbye To Their Cat Left Everyone In Tears 

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When I think back to my college time, I fondly remember all those late-night talks with my roommates. We shared everything and created lifelong memories!

So, when I stumbled upon this story, all those loving memories I have instantly overwhelmed me, and here’s why.

Julia Pytlik recently posted a video over on TikTok that left almost two million people in tears. 

Together with her roommates, she adopted a tiny kitten named Binx once they joined college.

girl holding a cat
Source: TikTok

Luckily, they lived off campus and the landlord had nothing against pets. That’s when their adventure started! Binx grew up in a loving environment together with 10 girls! This lucky boy received endless cuddles and treats.

gray cat
Source: TikTok

However, Binx was there to provide his support as well. Cornell University found out in a study, that petting your cat for 10 minutes can decrease your stress hormones.

Whenever the girls struggled with upcoming midterms or perhaps had ‘boy problems’, Binx was there to purr their worries away. Just look how loved this handsome boy was!

@julia.pytlik Our little boy #fyp ♬ Scared To Start – Michael Marcagi

However, once Julia and her roommates graduated it was time to leave the house where they created so many memories together. 

This meant they also had to say goodbye to Binx. The girls were about to start a new life and Binx couldn’t join all of them. 

woman kissing a cat
Source: TikTok

When the day came for them to move out, Julia took Binx in her arms and every girl kissed him while tears filled their eyes. Take a look at the video that broke even the toughest hearts…

@julia.pytlik Binx is going to be so missed #fyp #graduation ♬ Happiest Year – Jaymes Young

Binx was about to join one of the girls named Eve and her family in his new forever home. As Eve shared over on her TikTok:

“For everyone who is concerned Binx is being very well taken care of and we love our fur baby.”

two girls and cat
Source: TikTok

I’m sure Binx will miss all of them as much as they already miss him! 

Deciding to adopt a cat together with your roommates is a wonderful idea, however, remember that these tiny fuzzballs need responsible parents!

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