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Woman Spots A Carrier In The Middle Of A Dirt Field And Makes A Shocking Discovery

Woman Spots A Carrier In The Middle Of A Dirt Field And Makes A Shocking Discovery

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Stories of abandoned animals always make me sad, but this one got me literally sobbing. A furry family of four tiny kittens together with their mom was dumped in the middle of a barren landscape, abandoned to face a tragic fate.

How cruel can a man be?

Driving down a deserted road in Texas, a young woman named Magneli noticed a carrier placed in the middle of a dirt field.

The whole area was sparsely populated and an abandoned animal carrier seemed quite unsettling so she left the car to investigate.

carrier with kittens in a field
Credit: Facebook

Expecting to find puppies, she carefully approached the carrier and was shocked to discover what was inside. Three beautiful Siamese babies and one orange tabby were in the carrier, with no mother cat in sight.

The carrier was covered with a blanket, with stones placed on top to secure shade. The person who abandoned these precious babies obviously carefully planned the whole thing, making it even sadder.

Magneli and her sister, who was also with her, were shocked by this discovery and decided to act promptly. Since the area wasn’t populated and the nearby shelter was too far, they posted the whole thing on Facebook asking for help.

abandoned kittens
Credit: Facebook

Janet Murdock, a veteran animal rescuer, read the Facebook post and immediately sprung into action. It took her an hour to drive to the place where the kittens were.

Deeply saddened by this cruel case of animal abandonment, she said for The Dodo:

“My heart sank when I got [to] them. It just breaks my heart into many pieces. I don’t understand how anyone can treat pets this way.”

Janet was on the way back home carrying the kittens with her when she received a call from Magneli. Two sisters found the mother cat in the field sitting in a litter box. Without hesitation, Janet turned back and went to pick up the mother cat too.

cat nursing a kitten
Credit: Facebook

Soon the entire furry family was on their way to a safe place. As she is an experienced rescuer and knows exactly what to do, Janet provided all the necessary treatments for the cute furry family.

She took good care of the little fluffballs and they blossomed into gorgeous playful kittens, with each one revealing its own distinct character. As Janet explained:

“Faith is the speaker representative for the family … She’s beautiful and loud! George is the orange tabby, and he keeps to himself with all of these women around. Leanne likes to play at all hours of the night. Tanya is wide open with energy!”

photo of small kittens
Credit: Facebook

Of course, their mom was also taken care of and she could finally relax in the safety of Janet’s home. She was named after the woman who had found the furry family – Magneli. How cute is that?

As Janet only fosters rescued animals, she will find nice loving homes for them when they are ready for adoption. A kind person will love them unconditionally, just like they deserve.

kitten lying next to a cat
Credit: Facebook

The story that started with human cruelty ended with love and hope. People like Magneli and Janet are true heroes, cheers to them!

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