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Everyone Ignored This Street Singer, But Then 4 Kittens Came To Support Him

Everyone Ignored This Street Singer, But Then 4 Kittens Came To Support Him

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You know, being a street performer is no walk in the park, despite what many may think.

Singing at concerts, or recording an album requires a lot of work and effort, but it’s much different from singing on the street. Wondering why?

First of all, to be a street performer, you have to be extremely talented and confident to stand in front of a large group of people and amaze them with your skills. 

However, not every night can be successful, as street performers rely on passersby. But, it’s all part of the job. 

One such day happened to this street performer who sang his heart out all night, only to be ignored by everyone. But, just when he thought he had failed that night, the furriest surprise unfolded right before him.

guy playing guitar for kittens
Source: YouTube

As the performer sang, he caught the attention of four 3-month-old kittens who sat in front of him, listening intently to his music and guitar playing. 

The singer received unwavering support from these furry little creatures when everyone else ignored and rejected him.

Thanks to this supportive feline gang, the performer gained attention for captivating four tiny kittens. 

cats enjoy listening to music
Source: YouTube

So, is it really possible that the kittens gathered there for the music? Absolutely.

Cats enjoy listening to music, but they prefer species-appropriate tunes with specific frequency ranges and rhythms. 

On the other hand, they don’t fancy heavy metal or music with heavy bass, as it can stress them out.

Whether the kittens truly enjoyed the singer’s performance or were attracted by something else, there’s no doubt they showed remarkable support, becoming his number-one fans!

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