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This Kitten’s ‘Worried Eyes’ Hide A Story That’ll Melt Your Heart

This Kitten’s ‘Worried Eyes’ Hide A Story That’ll Melt Your Heart

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Get ready for cuteness overload because this little kitten is on a mission to steal your heart!

Meet Bum, a lovely feline with a permanently concerned look that not only went viral but also captured the Internet’s heart.

Bum’s journey began when he was just four weeks old. He was found abandoned along with his four siblings. 

Thankfully, a group of kind-hearted people couldn’t bear to leave the little ones to fend for themselves, so they rescued the kittens and brought them to the San Diego Humane Society, California.

Upon closer inspection, the rescue team noticed something unique about Bum. He looked slightly different from his siblings. 

It turned out that he was born with crossed eyes, a condition known as strabismus, more commonly seen in Siamese cats. 

This condition, combined with the markings around his eyes, gave Bum his forever worried look. But don’t let that trick you – he was and remained one happy and affectionate kitty.

Courtney, who welcomed the kittens to the San Diego shelter and became Bum’s new family, said:

“He is shy with new people, but once he knows you, he is a love bug. He loves morning cuddles and to sleep under the covers! He also loves other cats, especially kittens, and has helped raise multiple Foster litters and even spend time with injured ones who are being rehabilitated.”

While Bum’s crossed eyes don’t significantly impair his vision, they do make him one of the most endearing kitties you’ll ever come across. 

It’s no wonder he managed to capture the hearts of countless people online. Courtney, his devoted human, added:

“He is almost as goofy and silly as he looks, but SO SO smart and bright.”

As time passed, Bum blossomed into a big, handsome furball, whose adorable eyes continue to melt hearts. 

His charming personality makes him an excellent feline friend and an even better foster parent for other kittens in need. He helps her raise many litters of kittens who are waiting for their forever homes.

Now, he enjoys the cozy comforts of his home with his mom, Courtney, in sunny California. 

This is Bum, all grown up, enjoying the company of his best furriend Admiral Kitty Kingman.

Despite his worried look, he’s always eager to give and receive love. 

In addition to his captivating eyes, Bum boasts a cute freckle on his nose that adds to his overall charm. 

When he’s not with the kittens, snoozing or cuddling, you’ll find him next to his food bowl, ensuring his mom hears his demands for a delicious meal!

If Bum has managed to steal your heart, you can keep up with his daily adventures on his Instagram profile, and don’t forget to share this story with your loved ones!

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