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No One Believed This Lifeless Kitten Would Survive But Look At Him Now

No One Believed This Lifeless Kitten Would Survive But Look At Him Now

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Dawn Firestone has a heartwarming story to share, one that revolves around a tiny, almost lifeless kitten. This little furball was discovered in a dire state, so young that his eyes hadn’t even opened yet.

Dawn, with a heart full of compassion, took the fragile kitten under her care, but the odds seemed stacked against him. At that point, very few believed he would pull through. 

However, this minuscule yet incredibly brave kitten defied everyone’s expectations. Dawn fondly recalls the early days, saying:

“When I got him, he was barely breathing. Every 10 to 15 seconds, he would gasp for air. I promised him then, I was like, ‘If you make it, I promise you I will give you the best life ever.’ And he finally started meowing a little bit.”

They named this fighter of a kitten, Rocky. His journey was far from easy, given that he was rescued just in the nick of time. Initially, he struggled greatly with eating. Dawn describes those trying moments:

“I would barely have to dribble the milk in him, as he would sometimes lick it. It was hard, I would just squeeze, he would suck, and then stop.”

Despite everything he went through, Rocky proved to be a fighter. With each passing day, he grew stronger, a testament to the love and care provided by his dedicated human family. Dawn proudly notes:

“He was eating a little bit of wet food and formula by himself, and he would get it all over his face.”

As Rocky improved, Dawn noticed something was wrong. Whenever he attempted to walk, his hindquarters would slump to the ground. Concerned, Dawn sought out a neurologist and arranged for an X-ray.

Unfortunately, the results revealed that Rocky didn’t have feelings in his legs and tail. But, Dawn refused to believe that.

Both she and her vet saw signs that contradicted the X-ray results. When you gently squeezed his legs and tail, Rocky would react, clearly indicating some level of sensation.

However, neither Rocky nor his devoted human mom allowed this setback to dampen their spirits. 

Dawn acquired a wheelchair to aid Rocky’s leg muscles and help him regain his strength. She explained:

“He’s not used to using his legs all the time, so I try not to keep it on him for too long. So, that way his muscles don’t get sore or anything, but he definitely notices the wheelchair because he’s learned that if he gets tired, he’ll walk over to the bed…”

Dawn is the epitome of a determined and responsible cat parent. She tirelessly encourages Rocky to move and exercise, nurturing the hope that his nerves will regenerate.

Rocky, in turn, mirrors his mom’s tenacity. Every day, he displays the heart of a fighter. 

Despite his physical challenges, he zooms around the house, playing just like any other kitten. Dawn proudly states:

“He could be running around all day. He’s unbreakable, unstoppable, that’s totally him. I mean, he’s a fighter like Rocky (the movie).”

Rocky isn’t just a remarkable fighter; he possesses a sweet and friendly nature. 

His story is far from over, and we all hold onto hope that Rocky will one day walk like any other cat, thanks to all the hard work and love poured into his journey.

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