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The Way This Cat Mourns The Loss Of Her Sister Will Break Your Heart

The Way This Cat Mourns The Loss Of Her Sister Will Break Your Heart

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Losing our beloved pets is one of the most terrifying thoughts that keeps the majority of us awake at night. For us humans, losing our loved ones is something inevitable we must face at one point in our lives. 

But what happens when the loss of a pet affects other members of the family, aka. our furry family members? Can they understand that their siblings are not coming back?

The short answer to this question is: Yes they understand it, in their own ways. Although we live in a world where cats and dogs come from different planets, some examples and studies show how a bond can be created between these two.

Our story is about a cat named Goose who proved that cats and dogs are not sworn enemies like usually portrayed. 

cat mourning her dead sister
Credit: TikTok

In a video posted on TikTok, under the name WackDog, the owners explained how they lost Jessie, their beloved pittie all of a sudden. As the family shared in their post:

“Nobody got to say goodbye”

Well, this didn’t stop Goose from finding a way to ease his pain, while his sibling crossed over the rainbow bridge. The moment he found Jessie’s old towel with some hair on it, Goose started making biscuits as a sign of affection to his furry sister.

Since Jessie’s sudden death, Goose is spending most of his days cuddled up on the towel. However, cuddling and making biscuits was not the only thing shown in this 25-second video. The pet owner also wrote: 

“Since her death, he’s been acting like he sees something.” 

Goose is seen looking up at the ceiling, almost as if Jessie was right there above him. 

cat mourning her sister
Credit: TikTok

In a video update a week later, Goose is still in his new favorite spot, Jessie’s towel. Resting and playing in the towel has become Goose’s daily routine, as shown on the family TikTok:

Only this time, Goose started bringing his favorite toys to the towel, one might think so he can share it with Jessie in heaven.

sad cat on blanket
Credit: TikTok

Thinking about losing your beloved pets is more than painful. So if you are blessed enough to have a large furry family, remember that in cases like these, you are not alone in grief. 

Provide comfort and extra love for the rest of your furry family when facing such challenging times. Without a doubt, they will also provide the same for you.

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