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Three Kittens Abandoned In A Box At Zoo Find Love Next To A Scary Predator

Three Kittens Abandoned In A Box At Zoo Find Love Next To A Scary Predator

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Sometimes, animals can show more love and compassion than humans, and that’s exactly what happened at this huge zoo.

These three little kittens were abandoned at a zoo gate, but fortune smiled on them after finding love and comfort next to a scary predator.

kittens abandoned in a box
Credit: YouTube

One day, a zoo worker stumbled upon a cardboard box at the zoo gate. After taking a closer look, he was shocked to see two tabby and one ginger kittens snuggled inside.

It turned out that someone left them there when no one was watching, hoping they’d receive better care.

tiger licking cat
Credit: YouTube

The kittens were hungry and needed immediate help, but the zoo worker found himself in a tricky situation – the zoo policy states that no domestic animals can be kept at the zoo.

After thinking for a while, the zoo staff agreed to introduce the kittens to none other but their resident lynx. However, they did that for a good reason.

tiger with kittens in a zoo
Credit: YouTube

Although a wildcat, their lynx had been a foster mother before and was always very careful and affectionate with kittens.

As soon as the staff introduced the kittens to their lynx, her motherly instinct kicked in. She took very good care of her foster babies, who loved their new mom right away.

However, the staff knew that wasn’t a temporary solution, and the kittens needed to get adopted. 

big tiger licking a cat
Credit: YouTube

Luckily for everyone, the adorable trio instantly stole the hearts of everyone who met them. The staff managed to find the perfect homes for the little ones, where they’ll depart once they get old enough.

Until then, they’re perfectly safe with their substitute mother, proving that, at times, looks can be deceiving. 

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