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Man Comes Home From Work Only To Discover Something Shocking In His Backyard

Man Comes Home From Work Only To Discover Something Shocking In His Backyard

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One day a man named James, a proud cat dad of two, came home to a surprise. His brother found a neglected and wounded cat on the street and his first instinct was to pick him up and bring him to safety.

James couldn’t believe his eyes, the poor cat was in such a rough shape he could barely meow…

Nevertheless, a little meow he managed to let out broke James’s heart and from that moment on, he was determined to help the cat.

cat laying on a tiles
Source: YouTube

Since the cat had an open wound on his left cheek, James’s brother left him in the backyard to keep their cats safe from any infections. 

They tried giving him a quick bath in the backyard to remove the build-up filth. Quickly they realized it was not only dirt, the cat’s fur was severely matted. James managed to cut off the matted fur and rushed him to the emergency vet.

malnourished cat
Source: YouTube

Luckily, the vet cleared him from any serious health issues and he was ready to join the family inside the house. 

The poor cat was malnourished, had an open wound and low white blood cells. However, this could easily be managed with a healthy diet, care, and lots of love!

malnourished cat at vets
Source: YouTube

James also noticed his paws were super strange. At first, he thought this was a result of a previous injury. 

The vet, however, explained to him what it actually was, as he shared on YouTube:

“It turned out he had an extra toe on each paw, he’s a polydactyl. Very unique cat.” 

The vet did advise them to quarantine him first so he spent the first few days in the bathroom. He also received a cone, but that didn’t seem to bother him much!

polydactyl cat
Source: YouTube

It didn’t take him long to claim the house, he was walking like he belonged there, as James recalls:

“He had this all demeanor like it was his house from the start.”

They named him Gnar and quickly realized, he was there to stay, as James said: 

“We were kind of forming a bond, and it would just feel wrong for us to give him all this love and then kind of just abandon him… give him away.”

That meant only one thing – Gnar found his forever home. From this day on his recovery slowly went uphill, although he had to wear his cone for quite a while. His dad James, however, found a more fashionable cone than the classic plastic one!

cat with hoodie
Source: YouTube

Seeing Gnar become a real snuggle bug made me so happy! He enjoys giving his dad kisses and greeting him at the door every time he comes back home.

guy with earring holding cat
Source: YouTube

Destiny sure brought these two together. Gnar can spend the rest of his days in a loving home with his cat siblings and his forever dad. Don’t miss out on Gnar’s adventures and make sure to follow him on Instagram!

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