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Brooklyn Mama Cat Runs Into A Burning Garage Five Times To Save Her Precious Offspring

Brooklyn Mama Cat Runs Into A Burning Garage Five Times To Save Her Precious Offspring

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It’s not unusual for cats to surprise us with their bravery, just like this mama cat did when she walked into a fire not once, not twice, but five times to save her kittens!

Scarlett and her kittens were in a Brooklyn garage when the fire broke out. The New York City Fire Department rushed to the scene, ready to pour all their efforts into putting out the flames.

Amidst the chaos, firefighter David Giannelli spotted Scarlett in a truly heartwarming act of bravery. This courageous mama ran into the burning garage to rescue her kittens, one by one.

Even though she was hurt with severe burns and injuries, Scarlett didn’t give up until she brought each of her five kittens to safety.

burned garage
Credit: YouTube

It seemed nothing could stop this brave mama from protecting her offspring, proving just how powerful a mother’s love was, as Giannelli shared in an interview:

“Scarlett herself had been severely burned in the process of pulling her kittens from the fire. Her eyes were blistered shut, her ears and paws burned, and her coat highly singed. The majority of her facial hair had been burnt away.”

burned kitty
Credit: YouTube

Unable to see her kittens because of her blistered eyes, Scarlett checked on them with her nose. After ensuring each one was safe and sound, this poor mama collapsed, exhausted from her heroic efforts.

As he recounted Scarlett’s heroic deed, Giannelly added:

“After saving the kittens she was seen to touch each of her kittens with her nose to ensure they were all there and alive, as the blisters on her eyes kept her from being able to see them, and then she collapsed unconscious.”

kittens on table
Credit: YouTube

After putting out the flames, this compassionate firefighter ensured the feline family got medical attention at the North Shore Animal League in Port Washington, NY. Thankfully, they were treated right away and set on their path to recovery.

Reflecting on Scarlett’s personality, Dr. Larry Cohen who treated her, shared:

“Scarlett had quite a characteristic look to her. I’m around animals all day long, and I am not a mush. I’m not one of these people who gets crazy over a particular animal and gets real mushy, but this cat had something about her… that was really special.”

mama cat licking her kitten
Credit: YouTube

Sadly, one kitten didn’t make it due to smoke inhalation, but the rest of the family gradually got back on their feet. They stayed at the clinic for three months until they were healthy enough to be put up for adoption.

Scarlett’s amazing story touched so many hearts and people from all over the world wanted to adopt this cat family. The clinic received an incredible seven thousand letters from individuals eager to welcome them into their homes.

However, their staff ensured the kitties stayed together, pairing them off to keep the family close. Eventually, they were given to three loving families who stayed in touch.

Every Mother’s Day, Scarlett got sweet cards from her babies, reminding her what an amazing mama she was.

woman holding a cat
Credit: YouTube

As for Scarlet, she found a loving owner, Karen, who understood her struggles because she too had been injured once. Karen knew she could provide this kitty with the care she needed to heal.

Scarlett and Karen shared countless precious moments in their cozy home filled with love and compassion. They enjoyed a long, happy life until Scarlett’s journey came to an end.

Even though she is no longer around, Scarlett left behind an incredible legacy of bravery and love, as well as books and awards created in her honor.

recovered cat
Credit: YouTube

Her story inspired the clinic that once provided her with lifesaving care to establish the Scarlet Award for Animal Heroism. Additionally, her deeds have been turned into books like “Scarlett Saves Her Family” and “The Bravest Cat”.

And so Scarlett continues to live through her wonderful legacy, reminding us all of the crazy powerful love only a mother can have!

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