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Two Mama Cats Raise Their Kittens Together After A Heart-Crushing Loss

Two Mama Cats Raise Their Kittens Together After A Heart-Crushing Loss

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This is a story about two mama cats – Cheeto and Mellow. These two brave mama cats proved to me once more that motherly instincts are well present in the animal world!

I’ve recently stumbled upon a small non-profit rescue organization called Good Heart Rescue. These amazing rescuers focus on helping stray cats in their local community. 

Sadly, so many pregnant cats end up abandoned in the streets and they have to find a way to survive together with their babies. 

cat nursing kittens
Credit: Instagram

Fortunately, Good Heart Rescue recently saved two pregnant cats from the streets, naming them Cheeto and Mellow and placing them in a loving foster home.

Cheeto the ginger fluffball, was the first to welcome her kittens into this world. However, her labor was extremely exhausting, and after delivering her first kitten, 26 hours passed before the next fuzzball came! 

two kittens sleeping
Credit: Instagram

Sadly, these two kittens were the only ones to survive. The rest of her litter crossed the rainbow bridge shortly after. 

Poor Cheeto was completely heartbroken. She did her best to care for her two kittens, but the poor mama was grief-stricken. While her foster parents buried her litter in the backyard, Cheeto was observing them almost as if she knew what was going on.

orange and white cat
Credit: Instagram

However, little did they know that her fellow rescue Mellow was about to mend her broken heart.

Mellow, the adorable white fuzzball went into labor two weeks after Cheeto. This mama cat also had a rough delivery, but luckily all of her kittens were healthy!

two cats lying with kittens
Credit: Instagram

Once Cheeto noticed all the fuss around Mellow, she rushed to offer her helping paw. Their foster parents were completely shocked by the sight! Cheeto started comforting Mellow by gently licking her head.

These two mama cats were now there for each other, in their hardest moments. Cheeto stayed next to Mellow until she delivered all of her kittens. However, what shocked everyone was what happened next…

photo of cat nursing kittens
Credit: Instagram

After she delivered her kittens, poor Mellow was exhausted. Cheeto was ready to help her and she knew how challenging it was to be a first-time mama!

This gentle sweetheart took Mellow’s kittens and brought them to her cat bed. Together with her kittens, Cheeto was now kitty-sitting for Mellow until she was rested enough to take over!

two cats and kittens
Credit: Instagram

The next morning, Cheeto took the newborn kittens and returned them to mama Mellow! Such a compassionate fuzzball, right?

Their foster parents made sure these two brave mamas had everything they needed to raise their kittens together!

I truly believe that Mellow and her kittens helped Cheeto overcome her hardship. Although her heart was still broken, this brave mama found a new purpose in life! I’m so grateful for the amazing foster parents these two have!

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