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Man Goes Viral For Living A Day Like His Cat Does, Unveiling A Surprising Insight

Man Goes Viral For Living A Day Like His Cat Does, Unveiling A Surprising Insight

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Abram Engle from Purvis, Mississippi is a famous social media cat dad, known for his determination to ensure his cat’s life is filled with fun and excitement.

Kurt, his feline companion, is definitely one happy kitty who enjoys an array of cat toys, beds, trees, tunnels, and more, all part of his daily routine.

Curious about his cat’s daily activities, Abram recently decided to spend a day living just like Kurt, mimicking his every move. 

After documenting his adventure and sharing it on his Instagram, not only did he become an internet sensation, but he also gained a unique insight into the fascinating world of feline life.

man stretching with cat
Credit: abram.engle

Abram kicked off his day with a good stretch – a routine Kurt never fails to do. Together, they limbered up their joints and muscles, setting a positive tone for the day ahead.

In the video, Abram humorously remarked:

“I really respect Kurt for this one on his routine.”

After their morning exercise, breakfast was next on the agenda – something Abram was eagerly anticipating, and probably Kurt too!

Although Abram had his usual favorite, eating it on the ground was a new experience! Nevertheless, he savored his granola bar and pressed on with his experiment.

man sitting with cat in the room
Credit: abram.engle

Once both were satisfied, it was time for Kurt’s favorite pastime: Bird-watching through the window! 

They spent quite a while at it until Abram noticed Kurt’s quizzical gaze, seemingly judging his dad for mimicking him.

Undeterred by Kurt’s disapproval, Abram returned the judgmental stare, resulting in an adorable staring contest between them.

man acting like a cat
Credit: abram.engle

Following their window-watching session, it was time for what Abram dubbed a common theme of his experiment: Lounging on the floor. 

They assumed their loaf-like positions, perhaps even meditating, with only a slight change in scenery as they shifted under some kitchen counter chairs.

However, Kurt eventually grew tired of floor time and sought the comfort of his favorite cat tree, settling in for a nap. 

Following suit, Abram grabbed his favorite blanket and lay down on the couch. Yet, an unexpected issue arose.

“I kid you not, Kurt slept for probably like six hours in this one spot. I can’t sleep this long. So I stayed in there with him while he just continued to sleep.”

man sleeps with hat on face
Credit: abram.engle

When Kurt woke up, it was time for their second meal – once again, served on the floor! After that, Kurt decided it was time for a grooming session, followed by more loafing on the floor until it was finally time for bed.

Abram faithfully followed Kurt’s lead every step of the way, bringing his experiment of living a day like his cat to a close. Here’s what he had to say about the experience:

“Living like a cat for a day is filled with some interesting things, and it’s really relaxing, but that’s mainly because it’s filled with a ton of sleeping.”

Okay, he may not have uncovered any extraordinary insights or discovered the secrets of the feline world, but Abram certainly had fun while creating an amazing video for all of us to enjoy:

This video received a lot of likes and garnered over 17 million views for this cat dad from Purvis, Mississippi.

What’s your take on it? Did you enjoy the video? Would you consider doing something similar with your own feline companion? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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