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Man Thought He’d Never See His Beloved Cat Again But 7 Years Later, Something Amazing Happened

Man Thought He’d Never See His Beloved Cat Again But 7 Years Later, Something Amazing Happened

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This cat, named Chebon, went missing and was missing for 7 years! His owner Robert hoped to find him… but as the years passed by, his hope vanished. Robert made peace with never again seeing his beloved feline friend.

As much as it hurt him, 7 years is a long time… but, we should never stop believing. A miracle can be just around the corner, as it was for Robert and Chebon.

Robert received a phone call that freaked him out, but it also put an end to his sorrow!

man happy to see cat

Chebon went missing while they were living in California. Robert was just about to move to Ohio, but as Chebon went missing, he postponed his move in hopes of finding his cat. 

He looked for Chebon for a year, but he was nowhere to be found. Robert was devastated, but as he wasn’t able to find his sweet Chebon, so he made the hard decision and moved to Ohio.

man cuddling cat

As time went by, Robert hoped and prayed for his furbaby’s return. As he says:

“I believe in miracles. I remember at one point I was praying and I said ‘God, I’ll do anything, I just want Chebon back.’”

But as years went by, he lost all his hope. Up until, 7 years later, a woman who lived on the block they used to live in, gave him a call.

man crying from happines with cat

She saw a cat, wandering around, looking unwell. So she took him and brought him to the vet. After scanning his microchip, it traced them to Robert. They were happy that this 19-year-old cat had an owner so the woman gave Robert a call.

emotional man hugging cat

At first, Robert was shocked and he thought it was some kind of mistake. But still, he hopped on the first plane and flew back to LA hoping to pick up his old best friend.

cat in mans hug

When Robert saw him, he immediately recognized his furry pal. Tears came flooding down his cheeks as he was overcome by emotions. 

Chebon was confused when they opened up his box, but when he felt the touch of his long-lost friend, he immediately rushed into his embrace. After all those years, they were finally reunited. It was an emotional rollercoaster for Robert:

“I’ll tell you, I have never been so happy!”

I couldn’t believe this story until I watched the video:

It really brought tears to my eyes. Can you imagine?

The shelter workers captured the amazing moment of their reunion, leaving us all in tears of joy. It’s so amazing how strong the human-cat bond can be.

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