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Bruce The Cat Defies Cancer Two Times And Proves That Miracles Are Real

Bruce The Cat Defies Cancer Two Times And Proves That Miracles Are Real

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When Jandy’s beloved cat Bruce was diagnosed with cancer, she braced herself for the worst. But Bruce’s life since then? It’s been nothing short of miraculous! Let me tell you how it all began.

One day, a woman named Casey saw a tiny kitten beneath a dumpster and immediately called the local shelter. Jandy, a dedicated volunteer, answered the phone and right after their conversation, she rushed to the scene.

However, Casey called again, this time with good news – she’d decided to keep the kitten. Relieved, Jandy continued to the site, thinking there might be more kittens left. It was then that she discovered Bruce.

kitten with cancer
Source: Instagram

When Jandy found Bruce beneath the dumpster, he was just a tiny furball, a few days old and desperately in need of care. She couldn’t find his mom anywhere, but then she remembered that his sister was with Casey.

Jandy knew these siblings would have a better chance if they were together, so she asked Casey to ‘borrow’ her kitten for some time. Thankfully, Casey agreed, and Jandy reunited Bruce with his sister Duke, bringing them both into her home.

two little kittens
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Those early days were tough as Jandy nurtured these babies around the clock. Despite the challenges, her dedication knew no bounds and the kittens quickly grew stronger, thriving under Jandy’s care.

After two nurturing months, Jandy returned Duke to Casey. Now, it was time to find Bruce a forever home, a place where he would continue to receive the love and care he deserved.

black and white kitten
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However, Jandy couldn’t bear the thought of parting with this vivacious kitty. Realizing their bond had grown too deep, she felt that Bruce belonged with her.

Jandy couldn’t trust anyone else to care for Bruce the way she did, as she explained in a heartfelt video:

“I was keeping an eye out for people to adopt Bruce but I realized I wasn’t going to trust anybody else with this cat, he was mine.”

woman and black and white kitten
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Life with Bruce became a series of joyful adventures. He grew into a strong, confident boy, and his vibrant spirit brought immense joy to Jandy’s life.

With each day their bond grew stronger and Jandy knew that adopting this kitty was the best choice she could have ever made.

very sweet black cat laying down
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However, their joyful days were soon clouded by devastating news. At just eight months old, Bruce was diagnosed with lymphoma, and the outlook was grim.

Despite the prognosis giving Bruce only weeks to live, Jandy refused to give up. She sought the best vet care, pursued all necessary treatments, and dedicated herself to Bruce’s recovery. Reflecting on those challenging days, she shared:

“It was eight months of treatment and it did not look like he was going to survive.”

cat with black fur
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Miraculously, Bruce began to improve against all odds. His resilience shone through as he regained strength and bounced back with a newfound energy. Jandy was overjoyed with his recovery and was determined to make their every moment count.

They embarked on new adventures, explored the great outdoors, and enjoyed their time together to the fullest. Bruce’s remarkable comeback strengthened their bond even more.

woman and very sweet black cat
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Sadly, the following summer, Bruce faced a relapse, and once more, the vets’ prognosis was dire, expecting the worst. But Bruce and Jandy refused to accept defeat. They prepared for another round of challenging treatments, hoping for the best.

And the best came indeed! Bruce’s condition soon stabilized and despite the grim prognosis, he was okay. This resilient fighter defied the odds again, proving he was truly a miracle cat!

Jandy shared her awe and gratitude:

“They gave him the same prognosis – a few weeks to a few months, and here we are in January and he’s doing great. His pain is very well managed, he’s happy, he feels good, he’s responded to treatment, he’s just a little miracle man!”

cat with clothes on
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Two years on, Bruce is thriving. He’s bright, spirited, and incredibly vocal, with a unique meow for every mood. But when Jandy leaves the house, he becomes a real drama king – he runs to the window and screams, making sure everyone hears him!

This kitty hates being left alone, and who can blame him? After all, with Jandy as his sidekick through thick and thin, he’s used to be the center of attention.

Yet, what truly makes Bruce miraculous? It’s his incredible journey from stray to a beloved pet, from solitude to having the best human ever, and most importantly, from getting sick to showing cancer who’s the boss not once, but twice! 

Now, if that isn’t a true miracle, then what is?

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