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This Couple Waited 16 Years To Reunite With Their Loving Cat 

This Couple Waited 16 Years To Reunite With Their Loving Cat 

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Cats are known for their curiosity, and if you’re not closing that back door quickly enough – poof, they’re gone!

I’ve told you before about a cat that was missing for 7 years, however, a cat named Ritz definitely broke the record!

Jason and Liz from Annapolis, Maryland decided to adopt a cat once they moved in together. The young couple wanted to provide a loving home for an abandoned kitten, and soon enough little Ritz joined their family!

nice gray cat
Credit: YouTube

This adorable gray cat brought joy into their lives, making each day interesting and adventurous.

Unfortunately, one day Ritz’s curiosity took over and he ventured outside, never finding his way back home.

cat stretching
Credit: YouTube

Liz and Jason were completely heartbroken. They put up flyers all over the neighborhood, hoping someone would recognize little Ritz.

However, days passed and no one saw the kitten. As Jason shared in his video:

“We spent months, looking all around, talking to the shelters. Anything you can think of, we tried.”

a missing cat flyer
Credit: YouTube

Days turned into months, months into years, but little Ritz was nowhere to be found. You probably think that after years passed, the couple gave up. However, Liz kept the missing poster and in her heart, she knew Ritz was waiting for them.

For 16 long years Liz had a sliver of hope, that Ritz was still alive. Luckily, when they adopted Ritz, the couple made a wise decision and microchipped the little fuzzball. 

One day, Jason received a text message that turned their world upside down! 

Ritz was safe and sound in a nearby animal hospital waiting for his parents to pick him up. Jason was confused at first, as he said:

“I’m thinking, this has got to be a mistake. They probably recycled the microchip number.”

written information about cat
Credit: YouTube

His wife Liz was in absolute shock, as she shared:

“He’s been gone for 16 years. I didn’t think this was possible.”

It turned out that Ritz lived in a trailer park where a woman found him in a desperate state. The poor boy was now a senior sweetheart and the kind woman that found him brought him to the vet.

cat at home walking
Credit: YouTube

It’s a standard procedure for animal hospitals to scan every animal for a microchip, and that’s how Jason received the automated message that Ritz was found.

Today, Ritz enjoys his senior years with his long-lost family, where he receives treats and cuddles every day. He immediately picked out his favorite chair and spends most of his days napping around.

family reunited with cat
Credit: YouTube

I’m positive this cat holds the record for the longest-missing cat, but end of the day I’m grateful he found his way home.

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