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18 Reasons Why Having A Cat Is Better Than Having A Boyfriend

18 Reasons Why Having A Cat Is Better Than Having A Boyfriend

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Imagine having a relationship with no problems and drama, but instead a relationship full of joy, happiness, and endless cuddles. Sounds interesting? If yes, then here’s a simple solution – get yourself a cat!

Here are 18 reasons why having a cat is better than having a boyfriend, enjoy checking them out!

1. Cats are snugly, warm, and purrfect cuddlers.

2. They’re great listeners and will never interrupt you.

3. Cats don’t take up too much space in bed. You can spread as much as you want unless they’re sleeping on you!

4. You don’t have to worry about their personal hygiene when it comes to cats and kittens.

5. Cats are always interested in what you’re doing.

6. They will always love your cooking.

7. Cats will never tell you that you’re wrong.

8. Admit it, purring is way cuter and more pleasant than snoring.

9. Cats will forgive you faster!

10. Cats can’t wait for you to come home!

11. No toilet seat-up problems!

12. Getting their attention is a piece of cake.

13. Nothing is too complicated for them.

14. They won’t mind giving you a nice massage.

15. Cats can feel your emotions.

16. Cats will love you and no one else like you.

17. You can train your cat.

18. Cats will stay by your side till the end!

Now that you’ve seen all these reasons, tell me, is having a cat really better than having a boyfriend? I think we both already know the answer! 😉

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