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Neglected Mother Cat Rescued By A Kind Foster Volunteer After Years Of Living On The Streets

Neglected Mother Cat Rescued By A Kind Foster Volunteer After Years Of Living On The Streets

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Picture this: a lone orange cat curled up in a field, caring for and safeguarding her two tiny kittens. 

This was what animal control officers came across… The mother cat, believed to be just two years old, seemed very neglected. 

mother cat breastfeeding her kittens
Credit: Instagram

She was dehydrated, thin, and her coat was tangled. Nevertheless, despite these challenges, her motherly love was clear for all to see.

Even though she had her own needs, she still kept taking care of her kittens. Luckily, their journey didn’t stop there.

cat looks up
Credit: Instagram

AnimalLuvr’s Dream Rescue, a place that brings hope to many animals in trouble, received a request for help for this cat family. Then came Allison, a foster volunteer with a heart as huge as her home.

Allison was deeply moved by their difficult situation, so she welcomed the trio with open arms. 

newborn kittens in hand
Credit: Instagram

The mother cat, named Betty Crocker due to her constant kneading (making biscuits!), quickly won over everyone’s hearts. As Allison shared for Love Meow:

“Betty never gave up, never stopped purring, and to say that it feels good to spoil her would be an understatement. She is one of the sweetest, most loving cats I’ve ever met”.

When the rescuers looked closer, they could see just how much Betty had been neglected. She was so skinny, with scabs all over from all the flea bites she had. 

rescued cat eats from plate
Credit: Instagram

It was obvious that she had been through a lot. However, what really stood out was how much she cared for her kittens. 

Even on their first day in foster care, she wouldn’t leave them alone. She was so protective of them, even though she was starving.

Allison was amazed by Betty’s determination and made sure she got the help she desperately needed. 

In just a few minutes, Betty finished a big bowl of food, which showed how hungry she had been.

cat laying with kittens
Credit: Instagram

After a good night’s sleep in a cozy bed, a full tummy, and being free from fleas, Betty started to change for the better. 

Within a couple of days, Betty’s playful side started to show, even though she had been neglected for so long. She happily ate her meals, enjoyed playing with toys, and let Allison gently brush her messy fur. 

Gradually, Betty’s health got a lot better with the right care. Her skin became clear, her fur grew back, and her stomach problems disappeared. 

However, the most important thing was that Betty’s spirit was lifted. Seeing her playful kittens explore their surroundings brought back a youthful energy in her. She also had fun with the toys, especially the cool tunnel, and she purred happily all the time.

kittens in bed
Credit: Instagram

On the other hand, Butters and Cassie, also known as Cassie-role, grew into mischievous and inquisitive kittens, while mama Betty continued to watch over them with love and care.

It’s so heartwarming to see how love and hope can overcome tough times. Isn’t it amazing that this little family got a second chance? There’s something truly special about the bond between a mother and her kids, no matter the species.

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