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Woman Walking Her Dog Encounters Something Heartbreaking That Changes Her Life

Woman Walking Her Dog Encounters Something Heartbreaking That Changes Her Life

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Imagine one day you get up, ready to take your dog for a walk, only to have your world turned upside down. 

This is exactly what happened to the woman from today’s story, so get ready to hear all about it.

That faithful morning, this kind woman got up ready to take her dog for a walk. They usually walked the same route every morning, however, little did she know that day would change her life.

kitty in green grass
Credit: YouTube

While they were walking, the dog started tugging on his leash. He usually did that anytime they encountered a stray cat, so she didn’t think much of it.

However, the dog kept tugging so she decided to follow him. By the sidewalk, a tiny newborn kitten was lying helplessly on the ground. The woman was shocked! 

She looked around hoping Mama Cat would show up, but she only saw a bunch of stray cats peacefully walking around. Her first instinct was to pick the kitten up and find her mama, and that’s exactly what she did!

cat looks at kitty
Credit: YouTube

She scooped the tiny kitten up and placed her in a cardboard box. The woman then presented the kitten to every stray cat in the area, however, no one was claiming this poor soul!

tiny kitty sleeps
Credit: YouTube

It seemed the kitten was abandoned, left to await its final moments alone in the street. The woman’s heart broke into pieces. The thought of this tiny fluffball all alone in the streets brought tears to her eyes.

kitty being fed
Credit: YouTube

Without a second thought, she decided to take the kitten home with them. However, she was a dog person! She never cared for cats, especially for tiny newborn kittens.

On the other hand, her dog was ecstatic! He was jumping around, happy to have a new furry sibling!

The first thing the woman did, was call her best friend. Her best friend was a true cat lover and he quickly explained to her how to care for the kitten.

woman helping tiny kitty
Credit: YouTube

The woman bought a syringe and some kitten formula and was ready to tackle the challenge. Luckily, the kitten had a strong appetite, and feeding her was super easy!

The next morning she brought the kitten to an animal hospital. She wanted to make sure the tiny fuzzball was healthy, however, the vet was concerned.

He told her most kittens that are this young don’t make it without their mama cat. Fortunately, aside from a small eye infection, the kitten seemed to be super healthy! 

Considering this, the vet told her to keep caring for the kitten and let them know if she needed help! 

woman clipsing kitties nails
Credit: YouTube

This woman used to be a true dog lover, however, the tiny kitten completely stole her heart! She couldn’t get enough of the tiny fuzzball and she named her Fubao!

Her dog joined the cat club as well! He would constantly snuggle up next to Fubao, ready to help his mom care for the kitten!

a dog sniffing kitty
Credit: YouTube

After almost four weeks in her new home, Fubao started playing and jumping around. She was growing up in a healthy and loving environment, together with her dog sibling.

Her forever mom had a hilarious idea on how to teach Fubao to use the litter box. She bought one of those tiny plastic hands and placed it on her finger.

cats looking at kitten
Credit: YouTube

She then proceeded to dig around Fubao’s litter box, as she said in her video:

“I’m demonstrating for her. I hope she can learn from watching!”

I’m so grateful this once ‘dog lover’ helped Fubao. She gave her a second chance at life and the best furry brother she could wish for!

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