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Rescuers Rush Motionless Cat To The Vet Only To Discover She Was Shot In The Head

Rescuers Rush Motionless Cat To The Vet Only To Discover She Was Shot In The Head

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While on their way to grab a morning coffee, a dedicated team of animal lovers and rescuers from Uncle Neil’s Home in New Jersey stumbled upon a heart-wrenching sight – a motionless cat crying on the side of the road.

Without hesitation, the kind-hearted team quickly embarked on a rescue mission.

The cat, later named Philomena, was found lying motionless on the side of the road, while her desperate meowing cries echoed around. 

Sadly, no one stopped to help the cat until the rescuers from Uncle Neil’s Home noticed her.

Assuming she had been hit by a car due to her condition, they rushed her to the vet, but a further vet examination revealed a shocking truth.

At the vet clinic, it was discovered that Philomena had been shot right in her head. The rescue team shared an Instagram post where they detailed the injury:

“The bullet traveled at a diagonal upward trajectory, shattered her jaw, and became lodged behind her eye.”

Based on what Philomena had been through, it was a miracle she even survived. The vets said that she would never see again. However, despite the grim prognosis, they refused to give up on her.

The only chance for Philomena’s survival was a major surgery to remove her damaged eye, the bullet, and any fragments. Therefore, a specialized team of vets prepared the cat for surgery, and with a lot of effort they did it successfully.

After surgery, Philomena began her journey to a full recovery. She was tube-fed for a few weeks until her jaw healed. Slowly, but surely, she regained enough strength to eat on her own. 

Philomena proved to be a fighter who doesn’t give up so easily. Throughout her recovery, she consistently amazed her vets with her progress and incredible will to live.

As she was getting better, Philomena surprised everyone with another miracle. During playtime, her caretakers noticed she was following their movements, indicating she regained sight in her remaining eye.

Despite everything she had endured, Philomena remained a lovely kitty in need of a forever home. However, finding her a loving family turned out to be the easiest part of her journey.

Eventually, Philomena was adopted by an amazing team member of Uncle Neil’s Home, Alex. Not only did she find a loving human, but she also remained at the sanctuary, surrounded by the people whose hearts she already stole.

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