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Newly Adopted Cat Becomes An Unexpected Hero Saving His Owner’s Life Within Hours

Newly Adopted Cat Becomes An Unexpected Hero Saving His Owner’s Life Within Hours

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Besides bringing joy and fun into our lives, cats can even save us in the most unexpected ways and moments.

There are numerous cases of cats saving the lives of their owners and other family members. However, this heartwarming case is even more special because the cat saved his owner’s life just hours after being adopted.

They barely knew each other, but the cat’s senses didn’t fail and stopped him from saving his new human’s life.

It all began one day when Amy Jung and her son Ethan visited the Door County Humane Society in Wisconsin to spend time with the shelter cats and brighten their days.

But, can you guess what happened next? Of course, they fell in love with a 21-pound long-haired ginger and white cat named Pudding. 

Pudding has been in and out of the shelter for years, so the mother and the son decided it was time for him to finally get a forever home.

Pudding’s Heroic Act

ginger cat with bell
Source: Pudding Jung

What happened later that day shocked everyone. It seemed that Pudding wasted no time showing gratitude to his new family, as he performed a heroic act just a few hours after being adopted. 

Amy has had diabetes since childhood. When they all returned home that day to get some well-deserved rest, Amy started having a diabetic seizure in her sleep.

Pudding instantly seized the chance to return the favor for saving him. He jumped onto Amy’s chest, hoping to wake her up. 

As he couldn’t succeed, he continued nudging and nibbling on her face until Amy was conscious enough to call her son for help. Unfortunately, Ethan couldn’t hear his mother, so the heroic feline quickly ran into his room, hopping on him until he woke up.

Fortunately, Pudding managed to awaken Ethan, who quickly rushed to help his mother. Thanks to Pudding, Amy survived that day.

How Could Pudding Know Amy Was In Danger?

ginger cat and flowers
Source: Pudding Jung

Cats have remarkable senses that allow them to detect many different things, including certain illnesses

Many pet cats are specially trained for detecting some diseases or even predicting seizures. Of course, they can’t know what exactly is wrong with a person, but they can certainly sense that something is amiss. 

So, thanks to those remarkable senses, Pudding was able to recognize that something was wrong with Amy. 

The Double-Rescue

woman with glasses and cat
Source: Pudding Jung

Amy believes that she wouldn’t have made it through the night without Pudding, and she can’t thank him enough for saving her life. 

At the end of the story, we wonder who saved who on that day. Well, Pudding and Amy saved each other, showing us that cats always remember who helped them when they needed it the most. 

Sadly, a few years later, Amy shared that Pudding suffered two severe strokes and crossed the Rainbow Bridge. 

Though heartbroken, she was happy to have such a heroic cat in her life and as a part of her family. I’m sure that the memory of him will live forever in Amy’s heart.

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