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No One Knows Why This Video Has Almost Millions Of Views

No One Knows Why This Video Has Almost Millions Of Views

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Hey there, fellow cat lovers! Check out this pawsome story about a cat named Max and his hooman, Maura. 

Maura was just doing her thing, belting out tunes for her TikTok and Instagram followers. But guess who ended up stealing the show? Max, that’s who!

cat interrupts young woman in singing

This clever cat jumped right into the action, adding his own special twist to Maura’s performance. Can you imagine? A cat that can sing? It’s the perfect mix of talent and cuteness if you ask me.

Their performance blew up online, racking up millions of views and winning hearts everywhere. And they didn’t just stop there. Maura and Max continued to share their musical journey with all of us, bringing smiles every time.

Maura, who teaches choir to middle schoolers and is a talented soprano, never guessed that Max was paying attention to her singing and getting ready for his own debut.

In this video, you’ll see Maura trying to sing “El majo discreto,” or “The Discreet Lover,” but she doesn’t get very far. That’s because Max jumps up on the table and completely takes over.

Check out Maura and Max’s viral video here:

Even Maura can’t help but laugh when she sees him. Max might just be starting a whole new trend in cat opera. I mean, I’m here waiting to see him tackle some Pavarotti, aren’t you? 

So, what do you think – are Maura and Max the purrfect opera pair, or what?

young woman smiling because of the cat

Don’t miss out on more incredible moments from this duo. Follow Maura and Max for a front-row seat to their next musical hit. In this cat’s world, we’re just lucky to be spectators!

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