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Two Vets Got Married And Their Special Day Was Purrfected With Rescue Kittens

Two Vets Got Married And Their Special Day Was Purrfected With Rescue Kittens

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Both veterinarians, both cat lovers, both madly in love with each other! These two amazing veterinarians got married, and wouldn’t have their ceremony without their special feline guests!

Nick Anderson and Michele Bangsboll recently had a wedding ceremony in Larkspur, Colorado, and it would not be complete without their rescue feline friends. 

Houdini and Jeeves, rescue kittens from Divine Feline (the rescue organization where the couple volunteers in their free time) made their special day simply purr-fect!

The bride spoke for The Huffington Post:

“We thought of the idea to help promote our volunteer organization by featuring some adorable adoptable kittens in our wedding photos. Nick and I have always adored cats, which is why we decided to volunteer with the Divine Feline and have them be a part of our special day.”

The beautiful newlyweds posed with their feline friends and took some astonishing photos. To be honest, these kitties know how to pose!

No one else knew that these fur babies would be joining them during photoshoots. 

“I think everyone’s voice jumped up an octave when they saw the cuteness overload and no one cared about being cold anymore. One of the groomsmen was even reluctant to go back inside when we were done with group photos because he wanted to hold them!”

Even the cake topper was pet-inclusive! The cats got their own table names, and even the bride’s shoes were cat-themed. Check it out!










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