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Earless Cat No One Wanted To Adopt Finally Gets A New Chance In Life

Earless Cat No One Wanted To Adopt Finally Gets A New Chance In Life

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This woman saved a “seal” cat that no one wanted. The cat, now named Otitis, has no ears, which reminds everyone of a seal. If you ask me, it only makes him super adorable.

However, no one wanted him until this kind woman gave him a chance. It not only changed his life, but hers as well. Check it out!

This Is The Story Of Otitis And Molly

Molly Lichtenwalner gave Otitis – the earless kitty that nobody wanted – a chance. Many people passed by him at the shelter, but no one ever submitted an adoption application.

Molly was a graduate student at the time, and due to high levels of anxiety, she decided to adopt a pet that would help her cope with her struggle. 

She always loved cats and they had been a part of her life while she was growing up. 

She had been in a car accident, after which she began to suffer from severe anxiety. This was when Molly decided it was time to search for and adopt an animal that would help her.

“Because nothing helped me more than snuggling with my furry friends.”

From the start, Molly knew that she wanted to adopt an adult cat with some disability. As she says, “They’re the last ones to get adopted”. And she is right, senior cats and cats with some sort of disability usually aren’t lucky enough to be adopted.

Caring for a cat with a disability can be much more challenging than it is to care for a completely healthy one. This is why many people don’t even give it a thought, let alone adopt one. 

Molly scrolled online when she came across Otitis. A 9-year-old cat that resembled a white seal. 

“When Otitis popped up, I knew he was the one.”

As you can see, he doesn’t have ears, and he is deaf. He lost his ears and with it, his hearing, due to cysts his previous owner did not treat. They couldn’t afford the treatment, but luckily the Feline Rescue Association of Baltimore saved him.

They could not save his ears, but they did save his life. 

Molly reached out to them and asked about Otitis. She was told that he is deaf, but that did not change her mind. She was, in fact, the first person that asked about him and that submitted an application. 

After Molly brought Otitis home, she was surprised at how cuddly and affectionate he was. Otitis quickly relaxed and showed his true face to Molly. He snuggled against her, rubbed his face on hers, and simply couldn’t stop showing his love.

From their first day together, Otitis showered Molly with love, as she did him. He became Molly’s little supervisor and helper. He followed her around and observed her every move. 

He did not let his disability stop him. Despite being deaf, Otitis is as energetic and as sneaky as any other cat. Not even his age defines him. 

In fact, he acts more like a kitten than a senior. He waits for Molly to come to bed every night, inspects the bathroom before she goes in, and always wants to know what she is doing. 

Cuddles, of course, are his favorite. Otitis also watches closely how his human mom studies, and supervises her progress. 

He truly is Molly’s emotional support pet, and he always makes sure she gets all the snuggles she needs while she’s stressed, anxious, or when she has a panic attack. 

Otitis is the only thing that helps Molly to calm down. As she says:

“He definitely rescued me, I didn’t rescue him.”

That is the way it often feels. However, she did an amazing thing by taking him in and providing him with a lovely home. Not many people would do that, and the fact that he helps her as well shows how animals, with or without disabilities, are good for us.

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