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21-Year-Old Senior Sweetheart Was Thrown Out On The Streets But A Kindhearted Woman Saved Her

21-Year-Old Senior Sweetheart Was Thrown Out On The Streets But A Kindhearted Woman Saved Her

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For 21 long years, Julie the cat lived happily with her mom. The two of them kept each other company and Julie was well taken care of. A happy, fat house cat, as it should be. 

Unfortunately, it was all about to change. A family member started paying more visits and for some reason, he threw Julie out of the house. Sadly, her mom became too sick and couldn’t really interfere.

One of the neighbors, Noah, noticed what was going on. Every time the son threw Julie out of the house, Noah was there to provide food and shelter for her. 

very old cat
Source: Instagram

Not long after, Julie’s mom sadly passed away and the son took over the house. This meant only one thing for Julie, the poor soul was officially homeless.

Noah, well aware of the situation, became the hero Julie needed! She wasn’t able to take Julie herself, so she informed Fieldhaven Feline Center located in Lincoln, California.

old cat in box
Source: Instagram

Fieldhaven Feline Center immediately took action. This amazing shelter assembled a full-on rescue team for our sweet Julie. One of the founders, Joy, informed her close friend Lisa about the situation. 

Lisa took it upon herself to go and pick up Julie. However, that night was struck by heavy rain and thunderstorms, but Lisa braved her way through all of that!

domestic cat laying down
Source: Instagram

Once little miss Julie entered the shelter, she made everyone fall in love with her. Usually, abandoned cats come into the shelter sad and with a broken spirit. The staff was amazed by her attitude – she was meowing and chirping! 

old woman and old cat
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Now, you know how hard it is for senior cats to get adopted and trust me, I was super afraid Julie will spend the rest of her days in a shelter.

Lucky for her, Joy from Fieldhaven Feline Centre really has some good friends. After learning about Julie, Joy’s friend Amelia decided to adopt her. 

vet examining cat
Source: Instagram

Amelia had a new name for our Julie – Jewel. She updated the shelter about Jewel and as they shared in their Instagram post, Amelia said:

“She doesn’t even act her age!”

The amount of people involved in Jewel’s rescue warms my heart. If it weren’t for these amazing people, she would probably wander the streets, left to fend for herself. Now she is just another happy house cat enjoying her senior years.

old cat laying
Source: Instagram

If you ever end up in a situation where you can’t care for your feline friend anymore, call your local shelter. They will happily help you rehome your pet.

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