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Ohio Cat Doesn’t Let Her Blindness Stop Her From Having The Best Fun On A Climbing Post

Ohio Cat Doesn’t Let Her Blindness Stop Her From Having The Best Fun On A Climbing Post

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In today’s world full of darkness, it’s good to have a devoted feline companion to illuminate our hearts with the brilliance of their resilient spirit and serve as an inspiration.

Just imagine how inspired a cat parent from West Carrollton, Ohio, feels, as he shares his life with a blind calico kitty named Momo, who motivates him daily to never give up.

blind cat on cat tree
Credit: YouTube

Being blind is definitely a great misfortune in the feline world. Thankfully, our furry friends are known for their tendency to never give up: They’re always pushing through, no matter what!

Momo, our star today, is a shining example of resilience in the feline world. Despite her blindness, she fearlessly embraces the joy of everyday feline activities, including conquering her climbing post.

Just look at how skillful she is, despite her disability:

What makes her agility even more impressive is her vigilant owner from West Carrollton, Ohio, who’s always by her side, ensuring her safety while encouraging her independence.

However, this wasn’t always the case, as Momo’s owner was initially quite worried and protective of her. 

Momo soon convinced him that he didn’t need to worry that much about her. With confident maneuvers and an unyielding spirit, she demonstrated her prowess, matching any other feline in skill and determination.

cat trying to walk down
Credit: YouTube

As Momo is descending the climbing post, her owner attentively observes her every move. While allowing her to explore on her own, he’s relying on the pillows he previously stacked on the floor for a safe landing in case of a fall.

Reflecting on Momo’s initial attempts at climbing, her owner shared:

“The first time she climbed up was really hard. She definitely had no idea how to get down, but seemed like she wanted to learn cause she was pawing around. So I tapped on the steps until she could climb down each one. For the bigger jumps, I guided her down to it while still letting her hold onto a part of the tree. We did that a few times and this is what it’s evolved.”

Momo’s owner also mentioned her remarkable ability to jump onto furniture, chase her feline siblings, and navigate her surroundings without any major obstacles.

cat hanging from cat tree
Credit: YouTube

In conclusion, Momo is one fortunate kitty, blessed with a supportive human companion who believes there’s nothing she can’t accomplish, even with her unique challenges. This heartwarming story reminds us all of the incredible resilience that felines possess.

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