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Giant Cat Surprises Everyone With How Gently He Plays With Tiny Squirrels

Giant Cat Surprises Everyone With How Gently He Plays With Tiny Squirrels

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Many cats get into “predator mode” when they perch on the window sill, peering out into the world. Cat owners love watching their furry friends as they gaze out the window.

However, while many cats seem to daydream about hunting birds, rabbits, and squirrels as they watch the world go by, this particular cat proves us wrong.

Most cats are known to have a strong instinct to hunt and prey upon anything that moves in front of them. However, this particular kitty seems to have a completely different approach. Check it out:


♬ originalljud – pensionären

A TikTok user, @pensionren, shared this heartwarming video featuring their furry friend befriending baby squirrels in their yard. 

This adorable feline seems to enjoy the company of these fluffy little creatures, and it’s evident that the squirrels are just as friendly towards the cat.

photo of cat and squirrels
Credit: TikTok

At first, I thought cats and squirrels, man, this sounds like a bad idea! However, seeing how gentle this big kitty is with his baby squirrel friends rid me of all the worries.

The baby squirrels are friendly as well, and every time they come, the cat seems happy to see them.


♬ originalljud – pensionären

Someone even joked that the cat is like a Disney character, calling upon creatures from the forest and becoming friends with them. 

The three squirrels approach the cat, yet the cat remains incredibly relaxed and later, even playful. As one of the comments mentioned:

“I love how cautious that cat is not to hurt them.”

Yeah, exactly! The cat is super gentle and friendly, maybe it just wanted some furry buddies. But hey, let’s not forget, cats are natural predators, and so are squirrels.

cat and squirrels in the yard
Credit: TikTok

The experts over at the Wildlife Trusts have some insights on this too. They point out that it’s not always safe to let our cats near red squirrels, especially since their numbers are on the decline.

“Cats are predators, and unfortunately, this means they do sometimes kill red squirrels. The most vulnerable time for the squirrels is during their nesting periods.”

Baby squirrels are most vulnerable, so it’s crucial to keep an eye on them if your cat goes outside. This ensures their safety and the safety of other animals too.

cat plying with squirrels
Credit: TikTok

As it stands, this cat doesn’t seem interested in hunting them, so I’m hopeful this gentle giant will continue to be friendly and not pose a threat to these baby squirrels. 

Have your cats ever befriended other animals? My folks had a dog who adored our cats and never showed any aggression toward them. Share your stories with us in the comments!

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