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Abandoned One-Eared Cat Finds His Happiness In The Most Unexpected Place

Abandoned One-Eared Cat Finds His Happiness In The Most Unexpected Place

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I believe that every cat that gets abandoned deserves a chance! I could never imagine what goes on inside the minds of people who have the heart to leave a poor animal, no matter what it looks like. 

This poor kitty is the embodiment of the phrase don’t judge a book by its cover. Some people considered him “ugly” and his new owner “poor” because she owned such an “ugly cat”. 

I strongly disagree with these notions! 

Meet Uno, A Truly Unique Cat

Uno was abandoned, only to be found by his furever owner. He was super lucky to have been found by Kat, an amazing woman!

“Me and a friend were walking to my car, and we saw this little black cat near a dumpster. He meowed at us, I meowed back… and then he ran up to us. He was in bad shape.” 

a one-eared cat in a woman's arms
Photo from: @one_eared_uno

Kat took him to Animal Control, but she couldn’t stop thinking about him. He wasn’t microchipped, and after a few days at the shelter, he wasn’t getting adopted… 

Kat went on to say: “Little did I know he had already found a home… it was my home.”

a girl and a black tabby cat
Photo from: @one_eared_uno

Uno simply lit up as soon as Kat picked him up. He was ready to go to his new furever home. 

a one-eared cat lies on the carpet
Photo from: @one_eared_uno

It is clear from Kat’s and Uno’s Instagram and TikTok profiles that Uno is just a really good boy. Kat bathes and grooms him without any trouble. He is really relaxed and laid-back; as Kat says, “he’s not really opposed to anything.”

one-eared cat with pink glasses
Photo from: @one_eared_uno

We can see that he’s not opposed to anything – he’s wearing sunglasses!

Uno is such a good boy that he’s willing to share his stuff with his little brother. Kat adopted a new stray kitty and named him Dos. How clever is that? 

one-eared cat with a leash
Photo from: @one_eared_uno

Uno proved himself to be the ‘goodest boy’ once again by accepting his new companion without any complaint. 

a one-eared black cat curled up next to another cat
Photo from: @one_eared_uno

“He’s been an incredible brother to Dos. A source of pride and joy in my life, and has brought millions of people joy through his videos.”

Kat truly seems like a happy cat parent! This is so beautiful to read and witness. I love their profiles so much. Uno and Dos have brought me joy as well!

a one-eared cat and a cat next to each other in a box
Photo from: @one_eared_uno

He even accepted the leash on the first try. It just seems like he’s super intelligent and he doesn’t want to lose his new human. I remember how much it took me to train my cat to walk on a leash… ugh, it was exhausting. 

a one-eared cat on a leash stands on the wall
Photo from: @one_eared_uno

He even seems to enjoy walking on a leash. Especially when he encounters his witch friends… hahaha!

This video really made me laugh! Kat has an amazing sense of humor and Uno is simply amazing in so many ways. I truly believe these two were destined to find each other. 

As Kat says: “Him and I were destined for each other.”

a one-eared cat sits on everyone's armchair
Photo from: @one_eared_uno

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