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Cat Athlete Shows Off Its Skipping Rope Skills Captivating 58 Million Viewers

Cat Athlete Shows Off Its Skipping Rope Skills Captivating 58 Million Viewers

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Have you ever seen a cat jumping rope? Well, most of us haven’t. Cats are more known for lounging in sunbeams and chasing laser pointers than for doing cool tricks. 

But there’s this awesome video that everyone’s talking about, where a cat is actually jumping over a spinning rope!

funny cat
Source: YouTube

The cat is so quick and agile, it clears the rope every time. This video has gotten over 58 million views, and people are both laughing and amazed by it.

At first, you might think this cat has found a liking for a very special hobby. Instead of doing the usual cat stuff like playing with yarn or pretending to hunt, this kitty has chosen a more exciting and active pastime. 

cat and jumping rope
Source: YouTube

Even though it’s not common, jumping rope could be a really fun way to keep the cat happy and healthy. It’s important for all cats to get enough exercise to stay fit and avoid getting bored or overweight.

However, this time, there’s a catch. Even though the video is super fun to watch, it might not actually be a real cat jumping rope. 

cat jumping
Source: YouTube

It may be actually a trick done with fancy editing skills. One possibility is using green screen technology, which is a cool way to add special effects. 

So, I’m not sure yet, but I’ll let you decide. Is this cat really good at jumping or is it just a cool video editing? 

These days, cats seem to have some pretty unique talents, don’t they? Either way, it does the trick. 

cats feet
Source: YouTube

It’s a super fun video that shows how playful cats can be and how amazing technology can be in making awesome viral videos.

I, like 58 million other people, couldn’t help but laugh. I have to admit, whoever did this really made my day.

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