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Woman Arrives Home Only To Discover An Opossum Putting On A Show For Her Cat

Woman Arrives Home Only To Discover An Opossum Putting On A Show For Her Cat

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Imagine coming back home from a long day at work and finding your cat in the garage, enjoying an unexpected visit from a wild opossum. 

Well, for Yvonne Treviño, a proud Texan, that scenario became a reality!

cat looks at opposum
Credit: threevino 

As Yvonne entered her Texas home, she heard a loud noise coming from her garage. She rushed to check what that commotion was all about, thinking it might be her pets playfully interacting.

However, the sight that appeared right before her eyes left her bewildered! 

Upon opening the garage door, she spotted her rescue kitty, Hampton, with a puzzled look on his face. His attention was fixed on the door rail, where an uninvited guest was doing his best to maintain his balance.

The unexpected visitor was a wild opossum, seemingly descending the rail like a seasoned pole dancer who was putting on a show just for Hampton!

The whole scene was too good not to be filmed, so Yvonne took her phone out and put it to work:

As Yvonne shared with Newsweek, all four of her cats, including Hampton, were accustomed to encountering opossums, as these creatures are common in the Texas region. There had never been any confrontations or hostility between them. 

However, even though Hampton was familiar with opossums, he was still pretty much fascinated by the intruder! He couldn’t take his eyes off of him, eagerly waiting for the opossum to come down so they could play. 

cat and opposum at home
Credit: threevino 

Even though they’re considered to be wild animals, opossums aren’t dangerous or aggressive. Any time they do come close to humans and their homes, it’s usually because they’re hungry and in search of food. 

If they feel threatened, their instinctive response is to freeze in place, which is exactly what happened when Yvonne saw the opossum in her garage!

Despite his efforts to remain composed, the poor guy couldn’t help but slide down the rail.

opossum standing on the wall
Credit: threevino 

Impressed by the incident, Yvonne decided to share the video with her TikTok community. Little did she know, it would go viral!

Within just a few days of its release, the video captured the hearts of many, accumulating over 12 million views.

People in the comment section went abuzz with excitement! They found the video hilarious and wanted Yvonne to repost it with different sounds in the background, like Cardi B’s famous “Oh my God, what is that?” 


Replying to @AKmu5483 here you go!! 😂 #opossumtiktok

♬ original sound – Yvonne Treviño

In the end, Yvonne’s video became a sensation on TikTok, a surprise she never expected from a random Monday night in December. Internet fame certainly arrived unexpectedly, don’t you agree?

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