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You Definitely Shouldn’t Miss This Video Of A Stray Feline Playing In The Snow

You Definitely Shouldn’t Miss This Video Of A Stray Feline Playing In The Snow

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When winter comes knocking at our door, and the first snowflakes begin to fall, our hearts undoubtedly fill with joy. It doesn’t matter if we’re seven or seventy-seven; when there’s snow outside, we all want to drop everything and go build a snowman.

Well, believe it or not, some of our feline friends love the snow, too! The adorable stray kitty we have today might just be the number one fan of the frozen fluff! 

cat in snow
Credit: a_j_coates

One December night,  TikTok creator AJ had the idea to film the snowfall over her car parked in the alley. However, instead of a snow-covered “Gandalf The Golf,” as she likes to call it, a local stray kitty came to steal the show. 

The cat appeared to be overjoyed by the frosty paradise! She was running around, trying to catch every snowflake as it fell to the ground, disappearing into the cold white blanket. 

It’s true that cats tend to sleep more in winter, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t occasionally have some fun and enjoy certain winter activities. 


Trying to film Gandalf the Golf in the snow and caught this little stray cat playing in the snow #classicvwownersclub #volkswagengolf #volkswagen #cat #snow #winter

♬ Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! – Dean Martin

AJ filmed this video in her friend’s neighborhood. As she wrote in the comment section of the video, the happy stray cat is a regular guest in the homes of local university students who never miss a chance to give her something to eat.

AJ’s friend occasionally feeds her, too, but he’s unable to permanently take her in since his accommodation doesn’t allow pets in the building. 

However, this feline seems to be doing just fine, enjoying the snow on her own!

cat walking outdoor on the snow
Credit: a_j_coates

The video won over the hearts of many TikTok users around the world. Several people agreed that the little kitty was living her best life, and one person even expressed her desire to trade positions by writing:

“Oh to be a little cat playing in the snow.”

However, many people also expressed concern for the kitty’s health and well-being. One person wrote:

“I’m so glad lil baby is having fun but I also wanna just give them a cuddle it must be cold!”

Their concern is entirely justified since our feline friends can get frostbite just like us! 

cat playing in the snow
Credit: a_j_coates

I hope this happy kitty finds a nice and loving home where she can stay warm but still be allowed to go out and play in the snow since she enjoys it so much. She truly deserves the best of both worlds!

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