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Poor Kitten Had Been Crying For 15 Hours Until His Voice Was Finally Heard

Poor Kitten Had Been Crying For 15 Hours Until His Voice Was Finally Heard

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One quiet morning turned into the biggest rescue mission for Alyssa Weber and her friend Josh on his farm. 

As they were enjoying their morning coffee, an unusual, high-pitched sound from the farm caught their attention.

After years of working at Big Cat Rescue in Florida, Alyssa immediately recognized that the sound was actually a young kitten crying for help.

She rushed to the farm but, to her surprise, found nothing. However, the sound of desperate crying was getting louder and louder. Refusing to give up, Alyssa realized the sound was coming from somewhere on the neighbor’s property.

adorable kitten in guys hand
Source: Alyssa Weber

However, there was a major issue! Josh’s family had no contact with their neighbor, so rescuing a kitten on their land could easily be construed as trespassing on private land.

Alyssa’s heart broke into pieces, especially when Josh’s sister, Emily, mentioned she had also heard the same sound the previous night. That meant the poor kitten had been crying for more than 15 hours and needed urgent help.

kitten yawning
Source: Alyssa Weber

Knowing they needed to react fast, Alyssa and Josh went to the neighbor to ask him for help. However, the man told them he would look for himself and then returned saying he couldn’t find anything.

Skeptical and aware time was running out for the kitten, Alyssa decided to risk trespassing to save the distressed feline. Josh joined her, and after searching one of the sheds, emerged with a tiny kitten in his arms.

grey kitten laying in a car
Source: Alyssa Weber

Once the kitten realized she was in safe hands, she stopped crying and completely relaxed. Alyssa and Josh were beyond happy with the outcome of their rescue mission.

They lovingly named the kitten Birdie, after the high-pitched sounds she was making. Soon, they plan to send her to a foster home where she’ll have a chance for a better life and a forever home. 

guy in a car holding a kitten
Source: Alyssa Weber

Until then, the couple and their new feline friend are all happy, providing each other with endless love and attention.

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