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Man Made His Cat The World’s First 100-Foot-Long Cat Tunnel That Spans Throughout His House

Man Made His Cat The World’s First 100-Foot-Long Cat Tunnel That Spans Throughout His House

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There’s no limit to what devoted cat parents will do for their beloved feline companions. Some of us are willing to go above and beyond to ensure our furry friends are happy and content.

When Abram Engle from Purvis, Mississippi felt that his cat Kurt deserved something extraordinary, he didn’t hesitate to take action. He went all out and built the world’s first house-spanning 100-foot-long cat tunnel.

Now, let’s delve into how he achieved this remarkable feat!

cat tunnel in a house
Credit: @abram.engle

Abram has gained fame on his social networks for his penchant for purchasing and reviewing various feline-friendly items for his beloved cat, Kurt. 

The dynamic duo from Purvis, Mississippi has tried many things, from interactive cat toys, interesting cat trees, and other fun gadgets, to their most recent endeavor – the longest cat tunnel in the world.

man holding boxes
Credit: @abram.engle

Instead of shopping for a giant cat tunnel, he DIYed it, combining ten 10-foot play tunnels to create a mega-tunnel that winds through his house from the kitchen to the living room. 

The unveiling of this feline superhighway on his Instagram was met with excitement, especially from Kurt, who took to exploring his new playground with gusto. Check it out:

At first, Kurt was just inspecting his new tunnel, curious about its peculiar length. But soon he got in and made a tour around his home, darting through it with increasing speed.

The moment he was done, he went back to the starting point, ready for another round. In the video, you can hear Abram exclaiming: 

“He’s absolutely loving this!”

cat walking into a cat tunnel
Credit: @abram.engle

A few days into the adventure, Abram got an idea to time Kurt’s tunnel traversal.

Despite aiming for a 45-second dash, Kurt, navigating the snug tunnel in a belly crawl, was more interested in leisure than setting speed records.

In his defense, Kurt had been playing with that tunnel for days, so it was perhaps too much to expect him to show the same level of enthusiasm as he did on the first day he got it.

Even though he didn’t quite live up to the speed challenge, Kurt’s enjoyment of his unique tunnel was undeniable:

This story isn’t just about a cat and his tunnel; it’s a testament to the joy and creativity that pet ownership can inspire. 

While not every cat will have a 100-foot tunnel, it serves as a reminder of the special bond and shared enjoyment between pets and their human companions. 

man holding a cat
Credit: @abram.engle

Feeling inspired to embark on your own pet project? 

Whether it’s crafting a mega-tunnel or simply enjoying a playful afternoon together, sharing your experiences and favorite activities in the comments below could ignite creativity in fellow cat lovers.

For more of Kurt’s adventures, be sure to check out Abram’s Instagram. Who knows? You might find yourself inspired to start planning your own grand gesture of feline affection. I know I will!

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